In modern days, where women are going out to do jobs, business, and to run errands, it’s essential to keep the face presentable always. However, thanks to pollution, dust, humidity, etc., our skin tends to get oily and lifeless. Various factors like location, skin type, and the amount of outside exposure may also show adverse effects on your skin.

To overcome these harmful effects, we follow a variety of beauty regimes where we apply different creams and powders to keep our face glowing. Some of us take frequent visits to beauty parlours to do facials, bleaching, etc. to maintain the natural skin tone colour. We also try to follow several diets that can flush out the toxins from our body.

All these methods are useful, and depending on your skin type and colour, you will also have positive results, encouraging you to continue the regimes.

Everything seems to go well, but the real skin problems arise when you are at a cut-throat schedule, unable to find time to take of your skin or to follow a beauty regime.

Are you one of those women who often forget about yourself by getting caught up in your busy life?

Well, do not anymore. We have collected here an excellent set of beauty tips that you squeeze in easily in a little time you have.

Tip 1 – Have A Couple of Green Tea Bags in Your Purse

Green tea is good for your health, yes, but do you know it can help lighten the dark circles around your eyes?

Carry a couple of tea bags in your purse, and whenever you find the time (like 5 – 10min), wet the bags and place them on your closed eyes. Not only it makes your eyes refreshing and re-vitalise, but you can also remove dark circles.

Also, drinking green tea has other skin benefits like reducing swelling, skin stiffening, etc. It can make your skin looking young and ageless.

Tip 2 – Carry A Small Pack of Vaseline Always

Remember the small cute packing of Vaseline moisturiser? Yeah, don’t forget to carry it in your bag. Besides moisturising your skin, you can easily tame down those unruly eyebrows with just a single swipe.

If you have an urgent business meeting or no time to threading, you can follow this trick. Not only will it give shape to your brows, but it also looks and natural, modern, and immaculate.

Tip 3 – Always Prefer Cleansing with Cold Water

Warm water feels good on your skin and is useful in removing tiredness from the face. But do you know you reap more benefits from cleansing with cold water? As warm water opens pores on your skin through which dirt can enter, it’s best if you use cold water to cleanse your skin.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem as you have more access to cold water rather than warm water.

Tip 4 – Make a Habit of Double Cleansing

Do you remember your mom saying to cleanse your face twice for a better glow on your face? Yeah, that’s correct (as moms always are).

Double-cleansing can be quite a task, especially to squeeze in those extra minutes into your already busy schedule. But it’s the best practice to stay fresh and glowing always.

Carry both an oil-based and water-based cleanser always. The first one removes the dirt, germs, etc. while the latter removes the stuck-up grime on your face.

So, busy ladies, it’s time for you to make a habit of double cleansing to achieve flawless skin.

Tip 5 – Tinted Lip Balm Does the Trick Beautifully

Which woman doesn’t love a tube of lip balm to carry always? No matter where you are, a single swipe on your lips brings colour to your entire face.

Choose a suitable colour shade respective to your skin tone, and whenever you feel your lips dry or chapped, first clean your lips with a cloth and apply lip balm. It does wonders in replenishing the moisture on lips and giving that extra edge you need as a professional working woman.

On the contrary, if you don’t prefer tinted lip balms, you can always carry a transparent balm that does its primary work.

Tip 6 – Always Have a Pack of Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are excellent in removing dirt and makeup, especially when you don’t have the facility for washing your face.

Always carry a pack with you and wipe clean your entire face whenever you feel your face is sticky. After you can air dry and apply your favourite cream, lipstick or balm, etc. to pop colour on your face.

Tip 7 –Make Sure You Exfoliate Regularly

Women, especially busy or working ladies, may not find time to rub or wash off the old cells regularly. But it is a habit that you must cultivate into your tight schedule.

When you frequently erase the old or dead cells from your face, it looks renewed and healthy. The entire area on your face looks even as exfoliating removes the dead cells that clog your skin pores.

And the best part, exfoliating regularly ensures that your applied makeup doesn’t appear cakey.

Tip 8 – Don’t Apply Heavy Makeup to Cover Acne or Spots

Acne or dark spots are a big hindrance to our confidence, especially when you are in your late teens, going to a new job, or to attend a place where you need to make a great first impression.

So, what do you do? Naturally, you turn to make up for covering those dark spots. However, take care that you are not over-applying it. It shows adverse results in a long time when you get older. Your skin loses natural shine and appears wrinkly and dull.

Also, ensure that you are buying quality skin products that don’t have harmful or allergic ingredients. It’s best to always patch test before including it in your regime.

Tip 9 – Find Time to Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

Being busy the whole day makes you feel exhausted and tired. And you may feel lazy to remove makeup before sleeping. Even doing a regular face wash isn’t enough to remove the stuck-up foundation, kajal, mascara, etc.

So, give yourself an extra five minutes to systematically remove the remnants of makeup. Thoroughly clean your face and make sure there is no trace of makeup on your face. It helps to keep your pores open, and you will not get new pimples or spots.

Tip 10– Healthy Lifestyle is Must

If following all the beauty tips is fifty per cent, maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes another fifty in having a healthy, beautiful looking face.

Follow a nutrition-rich diet, be physically active, take stairs instead of the lift, and walk while you are making long calls, and do everything that removes the toxins out of your body in the form of sweat.


Including these beauty tips in your busy life isn’t difficult. You just have to tweak your schedule so that you can fit them. No matter how challenging it is, adjust your routine to take care of your skin always. Remember, nothing is more important than your self-care.

Author Bio: Erika Rhein, a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches; however, I prioritise writing on beauty and fashion. I always strive to provide users with useful and informative articles in a readable format. I aim to achieve a difference in my writing.