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We all love to have hair that is strong and healthy but often we forget to give them the care they actually need. There is so much effort that goes behind growing them and regardless of the fact that we are not growing it that long, it still required considering work. There are several tips that a number of people (experts and non-experts included) give on how to make your hair grow faster and longer but do they actually work? Good hair gives you confidence and there is one less reason to worry in your life. Age is a big factor here too, as with growing years, the hairline often recedes and if proper care isn’t given to our tresses and their roots, we might fall in trouble sooner than we think. The best home remedy for hair growth is often around us and if we try to look for them with little more effort, we can achieve beautiful and stronger hair with ease. We have compiled a list of some remedies for you to keep your hair growth in excellent form. Here are the 5 brilliant hacks that you should definitely know for better hair growth. You don’t need to use any fancy items or visit the salon to try this technique because all of these things can be done at home.

1Use Vitamin B-12 for better growth of hair and getting rid of dandruff

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The deficiency of vitamin B-12 is one of the prime reasons for the lack of hair growth and its health. The shortage of B-12 results in thin hair that does not have adequate moisture and thus becomes brittle. This is the reason why they easily break and do grow easily. Vitamin B-12 is also essential for the scalp to get rid of itching and the occurrence of dandruff. Thus, a B-12 supplement is key to bring your vitamin level to normal but you should consult a doctor before taking them. This is the best home remedy for hair growth.

2Giving a proper massage to the scalp & drying the hair correctly

Often the growth of your hair is compromised due to reduced blood circulation on your head. Whenever you massage your head, this circulation is improved and the flow of blood stimulates the hair growth by reaching the hair follicles. All it needs is a gentle movement of fingertips on your head that you can do when while you wash your hair. Another thing that we need to take care of is how we dry our hair. The practice of twisting the hair up with the help of a towel and keep them inside is not advisable. The rubbing of hair is even more damaging as that makes our hair weak. The correct way is to gently blot the hair with the help of a towel to remove the water from it. So, if you are wondering How to Grow Hair Faster, massaging your scalp is the first step towards it.

3Sleeping on silk pillows helps retain the moisture in your hair

Many of us don’t know this but putting our head on cotton pillowcase while we sleep in fact damages our hair more than the comfort it should provide. It usually draws the moisture content in our hair resulting in dry and frizzy locks. The moisture in our hair remains intact if we use a silk pillowcase instead of cotton. The silk even reduces the friction force between the pillowcase and our hair that ultimately leads to lesser damage than the one we bear with its cotton counterpart.

4Use Olive Oil for great nourishment of hair

Olive oil maybe your long searched answer for how to grow hair faster. It nourishes your hair and the richness of vitamin E and antioxidants help them to become extremely soft and shiny. All you got to do is take the oil in a small bowl and massage your head and hair for 3-5 minutes. Keep it on for 20-25 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo.

5Keep your hair moisturized for its better health

Your hair cannot afford to remain dry as that hampers its growth and gives a dull appearance too. All you need to do is take 2 eggs and mix a few drops of lemon juice with the yolk. The lecithin present in the egg yolk helps moisturize your hair effectively. Apply the mix to hair and keep them on for half an hour before rinsing it off with cold water.

So these were a few of the best ways to make hair thicker and help in their better growth. Try these home hacks and you will see improved results immediately.