5 Cheap & Best Quality Bluetooth Airpods to Buy From Lazada

Headphones can be said to be an indispensable item in our lives, especially for people who like to listen to songs. Whenever you buy a mobile phone, it will naturally include wired earphones for you, but wired earphones are more inconvenient to use, so there are many lightweight and convenient “wireless Bluetooth earphones” in the market! Don’t want to buy too expensive wireless headphones? Checkout our recommended several cheap and easy-to-use wireless Bluetooth headsets with the purchase link!

01 l Tangmai W0 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone [Price is RM 125.30]


This headset is a popular and popular wireless headset in Xiaohongshu. The bass quality is clear, and the battery life can be up to 5 hours, even if it is used for one ear! The praise reaches 5 stars. If you don’t want to buy too expensive, you can consider starting this one!

02 l Edifier TWS1 [Price is RM 152]


Edifier TWS1 can be said to be an entry-level wireless Bluetooth headset. It is also a headset that can be used separately for the left and right ears. It is equipped with IPX water resistance and has a battery life of about 8 hours. It is cost-effective and affordable for civilians! Those with a limited budget can choose this wireless headset.

03 l SOUL Emotion 2 High Performance True Wireless Earbuds [Price is RM 139]


SOUL is a wireless headset with iconic high-quality sound, balanced high and low sound quality, and noise reduction function! With a stylish design and IPX 4 waterproof and sweat-proof design, the playback time can be up to 4.5 hours, and the fast charging only takes about 2 hours to fully charge. It is very suitable for people who often need to use headphones when going out. It is small and exquisite, so you can carry it with no burden at all!

04 l OPPO W31 Bluetooth Wireless [Price is RM 209]


This wireless headset looks a bit like a cosmetic box, but the sound quality is also very good, even if you wear it for a long time, your ears will not feel pain! Equipped with a function that automatically plays when put in the ear and stops when it is removed. The price is not expensive and it is convenient to use.

05 l Sudio TOLV True Wireless Earbuds [Price is RM 409]


 Wearing ears is light and no burden, equipped with stereo surround sound, whether it is treble or bass, the sound quality is very clear, and it also has the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction~ This headset comes in a total of 5 colors. Both men and women are suitable for purchase. Although the price is slightly higher than others, it is worthwhile to buy headphones of this quality at this price!