6 Incredible things to do in Singapore’s Changi Airport

Missed your Flight or departure been delayed!! If you got a couple of hours to kill at the airport then the best airport to be at is at the Singapore Changi Airport. The idea of waiting at an airport for long tiring hours can be stressful, but that’s not the case with Changi Airport in Singapore. They have managed to create an atmosphere which is fun & relaxing with an incredible range of attractions to explore at its 3 interconnected Terminals and the 4th one has recently been introduced. To keep the travellers entertained they have created exciting activities and provided multiple relaxation options. It is not an easy feat to be named “The World’s Best Airport” for 5 years consecutively. There must be something that they are doing right!! Whether looking for good eating options, fun activities, free movies, rooftop pool or planning on relaxing in SPA, Changi Airport has all this and so much more to offer to its travellers. Here are a few exciting facilities that Changi Airport offers, so that the travellers feel comfortable, relaxed, entertained and right at home.

Get Some Sleep at the Pay Lounges

Sit back, chill and enjoy at these comfortable Lounges at the Changi Airport. For some passengers, the best option on a long layover is to take a sound nap. As not all passengers have access to the free lounge services, for them Changi airport provides paid lounge services in all 4 terminals. These comfy, quite snooze lounges have fully reclining, butt-hugging chairs which help you sleep in a chilled out environment. If you are travelling on a budget then these lounges are the best alternatives to expensive hotels.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

Yes, that’s right!! Changi Airport has an exotic swimming pool and Jacuzzi above terminal 1. This service is not entirely free and costs around 13USD, which is pretty cool as you can swim, use the shower and also order yourself a few cocktails from the 24-hour bar. As, there is nothing more refreshing than being surrounded by clear blue water. It is the best way to chill.

Butterfly Garden

This Instagram worthy butterfly garden at Changi Airport is something that will fascinate you to next level. This beautiful garden is located at terminal 2 rooftop where passengers are free to enter. This fancy airport is an ideal spot for nature lovers, where they can explore over 1000 tropical butterflies from 40 species and also watch the breeding and feeding of these beautiful butterflies. WAIT, THERE IS MORE!! The tropical butterfly habitat is surrounded by lush greenery, flowering plants and 6 metre grotto waterfall.

Enjoy the Giant Slide

Can you ever think of an airport having the countries tallest and the world’s tallest slides!! Changi Airport is full of surprises and you will be awestruck to experience this $10 ride. This 12metre, 4 stories tall Giant slide allows visitors to experience a speed of upto 6 meters per second. This Giant slide is located in Terminal 3 of the Changi Airport and is a famous tourist attraction. This Slide is a must try, plus all adults are allowed to experience it.

Gaming Zone for Game Junkies

The entertainment deck located in terminal 2 is something where both kids and adults can test there gaming skills. Enjoy and test your dexterity by playing the awesome games likes Xbox 360s, Playstation 3 and do not miss out the Xbox Kinetic room where the exciting games are controlled by your movements and voice. Other games like kick boxing, tennis and soccer are also fun options for people who wish to work out and play at the same time. Have a blast with your friends and family and celebrate your game victories by having a chilled beer at the bar.

Cinema for Free

Catch up on movies and TV without paying a single penny for it. If you have a lot of time to kill at the Changi Airport then you can enjoy global movies and fill all that time. All you have to do is head to Terminal 2 or 3’s transit area to enjoy the latest box office hit and then slum down into comfy seats, temperature controlled room. The theaters are opened 24 hours and if you wish to watch TV there are options for TV lounges as well.

So, whenever you have a halt at the incredible Changi Airport do look around and explore these exciting spots and activities.

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