9 Ways to Style Your Mom Jeans and look Fabulous


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Everyone loves mom jeans and why not? From stars like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner to the girl next door, everyone is wearing them with ease. It is amazingly comfortable and goes with every body type. Whether you are skinny, plus, curvy or small, the mom jeans are up there on the fashion trends right now. So if you are still shying away from it, it is time now to shed all your inhibitions and put on those amazing mom jeans. Let us discuss how we can style your mom jeans with maybe some fashion accessories or different combination with the footwear and tops.

How is Mom Jeans different from another type of jeans?
Mom jeans are not your typical body fit jeans but are rather old fashioned, slightly loose fitting jeans that were inspired by the jeans our moms would wear otherwise. These are high-waist jeans that give the medium washed appearance and are slightly out the shape. We now have a lot of variations in the same that you will come across later in this article.

9 ways to style your mom jeans
It doesn’t take much of research to know how you can style your mom jeans but you do need to have your basic right. Just like your style you every other jeans, the fundamentals are similar but you do need to do bit crazy to up the level. The smart way to go with the fashion trends is by tucking your shirt either partially or fully inside. Let’s have a look at some other ways to look fabulous.

1. Combine a blazer with white wash jeans

If you are working at a place where you can wear a semi-formal outfit, then we have something for you. Try the whitewash skinny mom jeans and combine it with a white shirt. Complete the look with formal or a semi-formal blazer to look amazingly uptown and chic. Stilettos can be of your choice but we suggest the nude ones.

2. Old School Striped Baggy Jeans

Here’s something a bit more fashionable and might have picked the inspiration from Project Runway. The beautiful striped baggy jeans can be combined with simple and plain top to avoid looking over the top. If you could pull this look off, you are nothing short of a fashion icon.

3. The Vintage Look


If you are getting that retro vibes, you can carry the vintage vibes by wearing a silk shirt with medium washed conventional mom jeans. The platform heels and a retro leather body bad with only add more charm and authenticity to the look.

4. White boots and rolled up mom jeans


To explore something more than ordinary, you got to try them on. Get on with the blue mom jeans, black shirt with white boots/heels. Just try this once and you will be glad for this hot look that you have gotten into.

5. The White-Wash Look


The all white looks amazingly sexy and appealing. The entire look gives a tough competition to the all black look that we will be covering in the coming points.

6. Style it with a neck bandana, sweater and animal print jacket


You have to try this compelling look that glories the subtle details with frayed edges of the sweater, the uniqueness of the neck bandana and the animal print fur jacket. We assure that neither you nor the on-lookers will get over this.

7. An All Black Monochrome-Look


Get yourself a pair of black mom jeans and combine it with the monochrome style with black shirt/top to go with it. This is the tried and tested style that makes everything look sexy.

8. Woollen cardigan with a ripped mom jeans


When it’s winter, our outfits are highlighted by all kind of sweaters and cardigans. Combine your ripped mom jeans with a plain white shirt, a bold neckpiece and a cardigan that will go perfectly with them.

9. A Puffy Jacket, Boots and A Belt to Slay


Go all-out old school with a puffy jacket and a thick waist belt with your traditional mom jeans. All you need is a plain white tee and badass boots to go with the statement.

Try out these 9 Ways to Style Your Mom Jeans and Slay like a Diva!!