Amazing Weekend Getaway Retreats Near Malaysia


After a long stressful week, everyone deserves a Zen Getaway during their Weekends. Living in a place like Malaysia can be really exciting but taking a break from our fast-paced life every now and then is also very important for our peace of mind. So, give yourself a much-needed pampering that you deserve by planning a short and exciting weekend to these beautiful, extravagant locations near Malaysia.

Here is a list of 5-weekend getaway retreats near Malaysia that would be recharge and ease your body, mind and soul.

The Shorea

Located in Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Shorea is a place for travellers seeking peace and nature. Facing the gorgeous Berembun Forest Reserve Shorea is a peaceful boutique eco-resort with a dining pavilion, several duplexes and villas which have mind-blowing hilltop views and two swimming pools & sun decks. The architecture of the place is truly stunning and wants to make you stay longer. The calm atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and makes you feel like never wanting to leave the place!

The Dusun

This nature resort will make you go Waoo!! The wallpaper worthy sights and location in this place will make your holiday a happy and a peaceful one. This resort is only an hour and a half away from the city, having only 6 rooms available. This is a private, peaceful place and is best for couples looking for romantic and relaxing getaways.  The resort is designed in a special way for its guests, so that can enjoy the fresh air, lush green surroundings and soak in all the Vitamin D in the super cool & relaxing pool.
Relish the serene ambiance of Dusun this weekend and enjoy fun activities like bird-watching, trekking to a nearby waterfall with an Orang Asli guide and also you can visit the deer park nearby.

Sekeping Serendar, Selangor

This place is nothing but Blissful. The tropical rainforest in Serendar is a treat for an urban millennial who are looking for nature surrounded hideout. If you are an adventure junkie then do not hesitate to try the exciting activities like jungle trekking, fishing along the lake or even enjoy at the cascading waterfalls by taking a dip or dive in the pools. The place is surrounded by beautiful varieties of flora and fauna. So, if you are a nature lover then add this place to the top of your weekend getaway list, as it is worth it.

Time Capsule Retreat

The capsule retreat is located in the middle of Kuantan, Pahang. This unique, creative idea of Capsule Retreat has attracted a lot of tourists’ attention. Have the most enjoyable and memorable stay at this quiet and cozy place situated in the middle of the jungle. Spend your weekend in these awesome Time Capsule each having Air conditioning installed. Situated in the middle of the lush forest reserve you can enjoy nature, great view, pleasant weather and soothing ambiance for relaxation and serenity.
Also, if you are looking for some exciting activities, then you have a lot of options that you can explore, like Hiking, Visit Sungai Lembing Museum and the Hanging Bridge, Rainbow waterfall tour and more.

Awanmulan, Seremban

Located in the hills of Seremban, Awanmulan is another peaceful retreat just like Dusun and Shorea. It is surrounded by lush greenery and hills and the view is soothing to the eyes and mind. Visitors can take a hike into the lush forests and dip into the river for a swim. There’s a nearby spot for exploration or overnight camping. To have a great sight of the city lights of Seremban town at night visitors can hike to the hill to enjoy the view. So wait no more and plan a nice romantic getaway with your friends and loved one here to enjoy nature and the beautiful property.