Are Sophie and Maisie writing a movie about their friendship?


We all have hung out with our friends thinking about the crazy bond we share and all the weird things we do. If we ever get to compile all of it, we may sure get a movie out of it. It turns out that we are not the only ones who think like that. Famous celebrities have similar thoughts about their friendship as well.

We are talking about the famous Game of Thrones’ actors Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams who became BFF while growing up on the sets of the hit TV show. Sophie Turner has recently admitted that she and her best pal Maisie want to write a movie about their friendship and they are really serious about it. She said that they want to make a movie which is about friendship that would display the connection as soul mates that is beautiful but at the same time it can be destructive.

Sophie Turner revealed this in a new video from Vogue Paris where she could be seen with her co-star of Dark Phoenix. Turner revealed that she indeed would like to produce and direct projects in future. She said that as an actor, one can have only limited creative control and for her future endeavour, she would like to have full creative control so as to have the ability to create the entire vision. Sophie and Maisie played sisters Sansa and Arya Stark in Game of Thrones and the former wants to work with her best friend in near future.

Sophie said that she has a very intense friendship with her best friend Maisie and she hasn’t shared the same bond with any of her girlfriends before. Sophie admitted that the duo hasn’t started writing the movie and it’s just a thought write now but it has much more to it than just that. Turner revealed that they have started the preparation for the same and as a matter of fact, she has bought a screenwriting book. Sophie said that she has taken the first step towards writing the movie by buying a screenplay writing book. She says that she needs to teach herself because she can’t write well but in order to write a movie, she has to.

Sophie and Maisie’s friendship is known to all and well-documented over the span of many years as both of them grew up together on the sets of famous TV show Game of Thrones. These BFF even have a matching tattoo that commemorates the dates on which they got cast for the show. Turner tied a knot with Joe Jonas in April in a Vegas wedding and she says that it is obvious that Maisie will be her maid of honour in summer when there will be a larger ceremony for the same. Sophie jokingly said that she fails to understand that why was Massie looking out for a dress to her wedding when she is already giving her the bridesmaid dress.  Sophie told Entertainment Tonight that she found out that Maisie was trying to pick out a dress from outlets and that’s why Sophie confronted her about it. She added that William is her maid of honour (one of two). Sophie feels that Maisie is her strong protector and she is the same for her. She calls Maisie her strong home and believed that if anything would have happened to her on the sets of Game of Thrones, she was sure that Maisie would go crazy and protect her.

Williams shared the same sentiments about Sophie when she was asked about it in the same interview. She added that Sophie knows too much about her to not be her friend. She said that Sophie was her strong pillar of support through her messy break-ups, friend fights and other tough times. Sophie was the point of Maisie’s call whenever she needed her and that goes the same for the times when Sophie needed Maisie.

All we can say is that as much as we love their special bond, we will definitely be looking for their movie whenever it hits the theatre. By the way, they both should star as themselves in the flick.

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