Every time we watch a sexy TV series, we end up wanting more at the end of each episode. Now, thanks to Netflix, we can stream endless option for shows which brings us more dose of drama, heat and much romance to the screen. It has so much for everyone who is either looking for an exciting romance series or something steamier. From Netflix originals like Orange is the New Black to primetime shows like Riverdale, here is the list of some sexiest TV shows on Netflix that you must watch.

1Troy: Fall of a City

This romantic drama series tells the epic saga of everything that was a build-up to the historic battle in the Trojan War. Some basic elements of the series are love, secrets, temptation, sex and betrayal.

2Sex Education

This show is one of the sexy shows on Netflix. The son of a sex therapist whose name is Otis decides to start an underground sex therapy clinic. Played by Asa Butterfield, the guy is accompanied by one of the well-versed girls from the school while he uses his personal knowledge to help people who are suffering in their relationships and eventually helps himself overcome his own sexual frustration.


Three working-class students are accepted in an exclusive prep school in Spain into an elite program and it’s then when the struggle between rich and poor begins. The series begins with a murder and surprisingly no one knows who is dead or who did it. All that we know is that there’s a lot of tension and most of it being sexual.

4Marvel’s Luke Cage

You need to watch this action-packed drama series if you are a fan of Jessica Jones. It talks about by Jessica’s old ex, Luke Cage and takes it to a whole new adventure ride. Cage gains superhuman strength and unbreakable skin after an experiment goes wrong. All this allows him to be a hero and get on with plenty of sexy escapades.

5Marvel’s Daredevil

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is a lawyer by day and superhero by night. He has taken up the responsibility of fighting crime and injustice each day in this action-packed series of three seasons. Matt was blinded as a child but used his heightened senses to fight off crime the neighborhood of New York City. And how can we forget the super sexy scenes aptly thrown in the middle of all the drama in the show?

6Dear White People

The students of colour in Ivy League University are known for standing up for what they believe in but when they aren’t doing that, they are navigating the trials and tribulations of college life. Although the show is satirical comedy-drama but it does depict plenty of collegiate relationships and hook-ups that cannot be separated with some dash of sexiness.


This dark teen soap encompasses the elements of Twin Peaks and The O.C. Archie and friends are usually cracking the mysteries and secrets that plague their town but when they are not, they are figuring out their own drama in romance. Beware, as Riverdale puts a sexy element on folksy Archie comics from our childhood.

8The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Damon are two sexy, brawling vampire brothers who fall for a mortal girl named Elena. Their relationships with one another take all kind of turns and twists throughout the series and all of this ensures that there are plenty of steamy scenes in it.

9The Defenders

This epic superhero mash-up is stirred up action-drama series thanks to the old flames that appear to make them face additional battles of their hearts. You might have to wait for a while because things go sexy when Claire and Elektra pop up.

10She’s Gotta Have It

This is a remake of critically acclaimed ‘80s indie comedy that has been re-imagined and modernized now. The show revolves are a fiercely independent artist, Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise), with three strikingly different paramours.

11Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum saw the hilarious Michaela Coel winning two BAFTAs for starring and writing the show. This is a raunchy British comedy about a devout shop assistant who really wants to have sex despite the fact that she comes from the religious family.

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