Avengers: Endgame continues to shatter all Box-Office record with its first 3 days collection


Avengers: Endgame has shattered a number of box-office records in India and internationally in first three days of the release itself. The last instalment (probably) featuring the original Avengers was already creating a lot of buzz since last one year to say the least. The movie is living up to the expectation and has raked 157 crore (nett) in three days post its release in India.

The movie has surpassed not just its Hollywood counterparts but it has broken all the opening weekend collection of any Bollywood movie ever. The Marvel flick collected over Rs. 50 crore on each day of its first three days.

Here’s a breakup of the box office collection of Avengers: Endgame.
Friday -53.10 crore
Saturday- 51.40 crore
Sunday-52.70 crore
Total: Rs. 157.20 crore (nett)
Rs. 187.14 crore (nett)

Avengers: Endgame v/s Avengers: Infinity War
While Endgame collected Rs. 157 crore in Indian Box Office, its predecessor Infinity War managed to score Rs. 94 crore. While Infinity War went on to become a part of the top 5 grosser ever, it looks likely that Endgame might surpass many such records in days to come. To talk more about the opening weekend collection, Avengers: Endgame beat the giant Bahubali 2 for the top stop here. It had the release on 2845 screens in India as compared just over 2000 for Infinity Wars.
If we talk about the international markets, Endgame has created ripples across the globe with its collection from the first three days. It made a mind boggling collection of $1.2 billion worldwide which is record in itself.

There is still no stopping for Avengers: Endgame
Beating the movie’s previous installments collection of Rs. 240 crore, Endgame has now crossed the mark of Rs. 300 crore that has not been done by any Hollywood movie in India. Needless to say that India is definitely one of the top contributors to Hollywood movie collections and currently ranks 5th in the fight for the international audience. China leads the pack with over $500 million and is followed by the UK, Korea and Mexico in that order.

Endgame has now become the fastest movie to reach $2.19 billion dollar and with that it has dethroned the legendary Titanic from the second spot and it behind just James Cameroon’s Avatar. The sci-fi flick is at top with $2.78 dollar in its kitty. The movie looks pretty strong and steady right now and is very likely to become the top grosser ever in a matter of days.

Secret behind the success
There are so many reasons why Endgame is enjoying such a huge success internationally. First of all the loyal fan base of Marvel is a gem. The fans have loved, appreciated and criticized the franchise’s movies but never have the left its side. There is a strong community of fans of superhero movies all over the world that Marvel caters to every age group. This means there is a strong anticipation for every movie that is announced and there are thousands of discussions and theories for them. This builds up great excitement and everyone wants in when it comes to what movie will actually show.

Second is the huge success of Infinity War where fans were left awestruck with movie and especially with the ending. The wiping out of half of the universe and some of our favourite superheroes left us with a big confusion, sadness and anticipation for the future. This called out for excitement for Endgame. Everyone was so pumped up that the movie saw massive pre-booking which is usually a rare phenomenon in India. Screens were houseful for the weekends and special screening time got arranged in many of the multiplexes. The craze has been such that even odd hours like early morning and super late night are unable to reduce the level of excitement for the movie.

Marvel at top of its game
With continuing battle of supremacy between DC Comics and Marvel, it seems that with Avengers: Endgame, the franchise has edged over its competitor and with so many movies in the billion dollar club. The fans are loving it and so are the producers.