Backpacking Europe Travel Guide For 2019


The article on Backpacking Europe Travel Guide For 2019 was last updated in August 2019 and contains all information related to Best places to visit in Europe , Popular places to visit in Europe , How to find cheap accommodation in Europe and Best time to visit in Europe.

Your ultimate Europe Travel guide for 2019

There is so much to travel, see and enjoy in Europe that we are not even sure where to start from. The coffee shops in Amsterdam, the Oktoberfest of drinking beer in Germany, the amazing beaches of Greece and the world known beauty of Paris, are we missing something? Maybe, yes! There is so much to enjoy in Europe that you might feel that the time in your hands is less. There are so many activities that you can do regardless of the fact that whether you are visiting Europe for few weeks or you are there for some months.

This article will cover some important travel guidelines that you should take care of while traveling to Europe. But first, we will start off with some of the popular places and what they offer for a traveler.

  1. For vibrant music scenes and great foodie environment, visit Berlin. It is quite affordable as well.
    If you are visiting places near Germany around September end, then you have to drink beer at Oktoberfest.
  2. For experiencing the cultural diversity, visit London for its rich history and some of the best museums in the world.
  3. Cheap beer, delicious food, beautiful scenes and rich history is what you get in Prague.
  4. To enjoy the outdoors in Switzerland, visit Interlaken where you enjoy good hikes and delicious hot chocolate. It is a popular destination amongst young backpackers.
  5. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so how can it be enjoy in a single day too. Rome is a historical marvel and has equally amazing nightlife and great food options.
  6. Barcelona has so much to offer that it might leave you confused. It has got amazing parties, wonderful beaches, great food and architectural marvels.
  7. You cannot afford to miss the bars in Budapest as the place has best nightlife in all of Europe.
  8. If you are in Spain near the end of August, then make sure you stay for the giant food fight that happens on the last Wednesday of that month.
  9. One of the most majestic, beautiful and purely magical country is Iceland. Famous for its northern lights, the country should be visited at all cost if you are backpacking to Europe.

What to look for in accommodation?

What to look for in accommodation while in Europe?

Europe offers a number of budget-friendly options to stay in thousands of hostels spread across various cities. These hostel accommodations come in a range of prices and you can easily find your pick from them. The hostel dorms may range from 18-45 EUR per night and the tariffs depends of the size of the rooms and how popular is that hostel. Along with the basic amenities, the hostels usually provide free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and linens.

What Budget is suggested for the Europe Trip?

The prices, like for any other place, varies with your travel distance. The farther you go in any direction, the higher could be the price. Based on your place of stay, your budget could be in the following bracket in case you stick to budget accommodation, food outings and basic tours.
Western Europe- $75/day
Eastern Europe-$45/day
Scandinavian countries-$100/day
The numbers here are true to travelers who would stay in a hostel, will cook their meals, eat in cheaper places, would drink and visit lot of tourist attractions. Basically those are away from fancy but are looking for value in travel.

Getting around in Europe!

One needs to keep in mind the way in which he or she is going to travel to the next destinations. Backpackers here should know that transportation around most European cities is by subway, local tram or buses. The tickets for them are usually under $2.30 and it efficient and comfortable.

When is it the best time to visit Europe?

Summer is the best time to visit Europe

The peak season time for visitors is summer time when Europe gets crazy crowded. Although there is no wrong time to visit the place and while it may get expensive in summers, the atmosphere and the weather are amazing. Just make sure that you enjoy your time while you are there and have fun by trying new things and meeting new people around.

This Ultimate travel Guide to Europe will be of great use if you are planning on visiting Europe anytime soon.