best nextflix shows

Struggling with what to watch on Netflix tonight? Netflix surely has a bonanza of awesome movies that you can stream at present, but if you are eyeing for more than just a two-hour commitment, it is also got a truckload of remarkable TV shows you can dip into to keep yourself engaged for days or even weeks at a stretch. If you just completed a good series and crave for a new one to fill the void, Netflix is can be your true ally, given the service’s remarkable mix of classic, current and original programming. Below, we have coined the best shows on Netflix right now categorized as per different genres, so you can binge-watch without having to chase around much. We have tried to roll up a list of different categories of shows that you can binge-watch on Netflix:

Thriller Shows

Do you find pleasure in the feeling of edge-of-your-seat tension peppered with action sequences and high-stakes romance? Top 6 thriller series of Netflix are:

1Money Heist

2Mind Hunter





Romantic Shows

If you wish to watch for a romance-fueled TV show, Netflix has got you covered. There is nothing better than a little love to keep a series attention-grabbing, sensational and of course romantic.

7Something In The Rain

8Love Alarm

9My First First Love

10She’s Gotta Have It

11Romance Is A Bonus Book

Comedy Drama Shows

Want to laugh out loud? Netflix has a myriad of shows to service all of our hilarity desires.

12Arrested Development

13BoJack Horseman

14Orange Is The New Black


16The Good Place

Historical Shows

Whether you are eyeing for classic war series or period dramas, this list of historical shows presently on Netflix is recurrently updated with new and popular TV series. What are the sought-after historical series to watch on Netflix?

17The Last Kingdom

18Peaky Blinders

19The Crown

20The Last Czars

21Troy: Fall Of A City

Girly Shows

Hello gorgeous! There is no better way to spend holidays than watching girlie TV shows endlessly. Whether you are planning for a night at home with your friends or just covet for some time to yourself and wander off far from reality for a moment, here are some girly TV series to binge-watch!

22Girl Boss

23Gossip Girl

24Gilmore Girls

25The Kissing Booth

26Two Broke Girls