Best Travel Guide to Discover Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a country that will for sure spark your wanderlust. It attracts thousands of tourists especially backpackers every year and is one of the most popular & Phenomenal tourist destinations in Central America. It is a blend of some of the prettiest beaches, green lush tropical wildlife plus mouth-watering food.
Let us start by giving you a list of a few attractions that you can visit and the things you can do there.

Arenal Volcano

To give a treat to your eyes just visit the beautiful Arenal Volcano. Found in the rugged Cordillera de Tilarán, Arenal is one of the most famous attractions in Costa Rica. Enjoy the sheer beauty of this place and do not forget to check out the gorgeous Hot Springs.

Manuel Antonio National Park

From Wildlife, Stunning beaches, to fun activities this Park is all that what we hope for during our holiday. The park is a beautiful stretch of sand, clear water and wildlife and an amazing variety of birds.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This forest is covered in clouds and has a unique beauty. The clouds of this forest provide moisture to the wildlife which helps to maintain the habitat. This place is a must visit for all nature lovers. Also, for a better experience, zip-lines or bridges and even cable cars are also available.


The Tamarindo area is known for its eco-friendly adventures and has multiple fun activities like snorkeling, diving, zip-lining and Turtle watching during a certain season. Tamarindo has recently got all the tourist attention and is known for its good food and Tamarindo beach which spreads 1.5kms Approximately.

Corcovado National Park

Established in the year 1975, Corcovado National park is located on the spectacular Osa Peninsula. For those who want to surrounded by nature, this is the best place and it has become an ecotourism hotspot. Also, this place is one of the most bio-diverse places that are to be found on earth. It is also popular amongst travellers who enjoy long hikes.

How much does it cost to stay in Costa Rica?

Accommodation- Costa Rica offers options for Accommodation for all types of travellers. Choose the stay option that suits you best, from Airbnb, Hostel Dorms to Camping or affordable hotels.

  • Hostel dorm beds(10-15 USD)
  • Private rooms in Hostels- (25 USD)
  • Airbnb Shared Accommodation-(25 USD)
  • Airbnb Priavte Accommodation- (40 USD)
  • Camping in Nationsl Parks- (40 USD)


  • You can explore the mouthwatering local food cuisines at Costa Rica.
  • For cheap food, you can try out the tasty food from vendors costing less than 1 USD. On the other hand, if you want to try out the local typical meals like Casado, then it might cost you around 5 USD.
  • Most of the average restaurants will cost around 5USD or more, whereas good Restaurants with delicious meals will cost around 15USD.


  • If you are planning on Joining Surf camps to learn Surfing in Costa Rica then it is a good idea as there are a lot of options available and the price varies from 20-40 USD per week.
  • Most of the national park has an entry fee, which may cost around 10USD. Also, Student discount can be availed during for entry fee.
  • While Canopy and Day trip can are a bit towards the expensive side, costing 40 USD.
  • And you have no budget restraints then do try out the two tank dive, costing 55-90 USD.

Money Saving Tips:

Here are a few ways that will help you save money and cut down a few expenses in Costa Rica:

  • Avoid Tourist Buses: Skip Tourist buses as they are double the price as local buses. So, go for local buses to save money on travelling.
  • Go Camping: Staying at Good Hotel and Private Hostels may cause a hole in your pocket. Therefore to avoid that you can either carry your own tent or rent it.
  • Avoid Expensive Tourist Activities: To not exceed your travel budget skip expensive tourist activities like Surfing, Diving, etc. Instead go for free activities like Hiking and visit places that are free like La Fortuna waterfall, and other tourist attractions.
  • Travel Off Season: Travelling offseason may help you save a huge chunk of money since prices tend to be low and the places are less crowded. Since monsoons last from end April to November in Costa Rica, that is the time you can plan your trip to minimize your expenses.
  • Save on Food: Eat from local food vendors to limit your expenses on food. Also, you can eat at “Sodas”(small family run restaurants in Costa Rica) as they are the best option for inexpensive local meals, costing 2 USD, in which drink is included. Isn’t that Super Cheap!!