According to the report from Deadline, Spider-Man production is pulled out of Marvel Cinematic Universe by the MCU president Kevin Feige. This happened because of the dispute with Sony on revenue sharing. Currently, Sony holds the rights of this Superhero character.
This decision will result in no longer involvement of Spider-Man in any Marvel Movies as well as crossovers of other superheroes and other characters like Caption Marvel, Nick Fury in Spiderman films. This means that journey of Spider-Man: Far From Home end up with this.

Why Kevin Feige Pulled Out Spider-Man out of MCU?

Is It Money?

This is the main question in everyone’s mind that why this billion-dollar movie who made $1 billion at the box office will end up like this. So according to the reports, the issue is money. In the recent reports, Disney asked instead of 5 percent of gross box office revenue they want 50/50 coproduction and revenue share between Disney and Sony. 

Sony twitted that involvement of Kevin Feige’s in the franchise has been “mischaracterized”. Sony also mentioned that they respect Disney’s decision and hope Feige can again continue as a lead producer.

Spider-Man: Far From Home made $1.1 billion as their gross revenue and according to the new deal Disney should get more than $50 million out of that. This movie is the most profitable movie Sony ever made. According to Disney the main reason for the reaching $1 billion was the Avenger’s End Game in which the showed the trailer of Spider-Man Far From in post-credit scene.
But Sony disagreed for the deal and now it looks like both the studios will follow their separate routes again.

Reports coming from Deadline stated that Sony feels that combined team of actor Tom Holland, producer Amy Pascal and director Jon Watts who directed Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home will be sufficient to Keep this amazing Spider-Man franchise going for upcoming films with Fiege’s involvement.

In 2015 Marvel Studios and Sony agreed on a deal which allows that Spider-Man character can appear in crossover Marvel films, but Sony will sustain the rights of the character and will be accountable for final creative control and financing.
After this deal, Holland was cast and he appeared in three Disney movies – Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America, and Avengers Endgame. The Original Reports stated that Tom Holland’s is left with one Solo film which owned by Sony but as per Deadline’s reports, Tom Holland is having at least two more movies which will be direct by Jon Watts.

Upcoming Films of Spiderman

upcoming spiderman movies

Now Sony has big plans for this billion-dollar Spider-Man Franchise and its characters.  On the top, there is a Venom Sequel that will be directed by Andy Serkis, Morbius the Living Vampire which is led by Jared Leto, The Hunter Film by Kraven, a Silver Sable/ Black Cat film, and the second part of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse which was the Oscar-winning movie.  

As everyone knows that Spider-Man’s character was deeply involved in saving the world with Marvel Heroes and it will be very difficult for MCU to continue this without Spidy. Now Marvel must rethink and recreate their Marvel universe without Spider-Man. So now you can imagine the future of MCU without Spider-Man.

Future of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe – Is it more Galactic?

Captain Marvel

After Avengers End Game we all know that Captain Marvel mainly operated in other galaxies. The Guardians of Galaxy and Thor were headed to space, at the end of the movie and will be shown in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 and Thor: Love and Thunder. Far From Home also ended with a post-credit scene in which Nick Fury was in space.
But it is the fact that Marvel’s superheroes were always grounded because of Spider-Man. As he takes care of New York, not as the mystical realms like Doctor Strange or Kingdoms like Wakanda.

So losing Spider-Man will be a big loss for MCU but after the deal of Disney and Fox, Marvel has Deadpool, Fantastic Four and creative control of mutants. So now Kevin Fiege has to work over bringing these superheroes in Marvel movies.

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