Can you spot the similarity in Jonas Brother’s Outfits?

After all these years, we can see that each of the Jonas Brothers has his own personality and the styling sense. But this year has been uniquely different as we all can see sync in their outfits. We are well aware that when it comes to fashion, Joe, Kevin and Nick are on their top games with their clothes but there has been a good amount of spotlight on scarves and skinny jeans. Ever since they united back in February, they have upped their game. One would say that they are surely bringing the brother element into the picture. It is also interesting to see that even when they are not wearing the same designer, their colour schemes is strikingly similar.

Avo Yermagyan, the Jonas Brothers’ stylist, said that he played up each of the strengths of these individual’s styles and wanted to do something new as he did want to revisit the past as it is time for a new sound of a new era. He told Hollywood Reporter that wanted to pick prints that were bold, play a lot more with the colors and also add in new silhouettes that had wider shoulders combined with oversize tops. All these were the forward way in street style element of the fashion world.

The stylist adds that although he wanted some key similarities between them, he didn’t want to make their dresses somewhat like boy band cliches, basically too much matching stuff. Since all of them have become men from being boys, they all their own lanes to go forward in and it is important for them to walk in and out of their personal projects as well.

Let’s talk about some the events where the Jonas Brothers were present and what exactly we can make of their clothes.

The Jonas Brothers at the Billboard Music Awards

Kevin and Nick wore Christian Louboutin shoes and suits from Missoni but in different prints when they attended the Billboard Music Awards.

On Stage appearance for The Jonas Brothers at the Billboard Music Awards for Their Performance

The brothers matched themselves in Balmain outfits for their amazing performance during Billboard Music Awards

The Jonas Brothers at Wango Tango

The Jonas Brother wore three different designers while performing at Wango Tango, they stuck to the black and white theme. Nick as in Calvin Luo, Joe in Ports 1961 and Kevin was in Saint Laurent.

The Jonas Brothers at Chasing Happiness Premiere

All three brothers chose to wear Ermenegildo Zegna for the premiere of Chasing Happiness. Nick and Kevin were spotted in matching maroon.

The Jonas Brothers at March Madness Music Series


Nick wore Todd Snyder, Joe was in Ovadia & Sons while Kevin wore Prada at March Madness Music Series. Although the three were in clothes from different designers, they did play it off nicely as both Joe and Nick wore bomber jackets and Kevin was matching with Nick in donning stripes.

It is indeed very lovely to see the handsome and talented brothers looking so happy together. Surely the reunion has brought a sense of positivity amongst them and it is truly being reflected on their work as well as the clothes they are wearing. We wish to see a lot more of them in the coming future this year.

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