Cyclone Amphan makes India on High Alert

cyclone amphan update
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While the whole world is fighting with COVID-19. India has another trouble to tackle. In 12 hours India is going to hit by a cyclone Amphan. Experts suggest that it will intensify in the next 24 hours.
Cyclone Amphan is strengthening in the Bay of Bengal. It is currently in the center of the Bay of Bengal.
Indian times says that ” Amphan has an equivalent strength to a Category hurricane.”
Cyclone is about to reach to coast till Tuesday. Both the Indian and Bangladesh government have advised fishermen and sailors not to venture into the sea.

What will be the impact of the Cyclone?

Scientists believe that the wing speed will reach around 65-70 km/h and states that will get effected from high wind speeds will be Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and even Himachal and Jammu & Kashmir will also be affected.
Moreover, in districts of West Bengal and Odisha will witness the heavy rain on 19-20 May and wind speed may go up to 155 km/h.

What preparation is made by the government?

Bengal and Odisha are kept on red alert by the government as the Cyclone Amphan turns ” very severe”.
zero casualty target of the government .
Forces like NDRF ( National disaster response force) been deployed in Odisha and Bengal to monitor the current situation.
567 cyclone & food shelter is made available for the public in case of evacuation required.
Arrangements to shift around 11 lakh people from the affected area to safe place is been done.

For live updates check this URL – Cyclone Amphan