Did You Spot Taylor Swift’s Beautiful Heart Earring?

The new album from Taylor Swift, Lover, has a number of amazing artwork and that obviously is just one of the many reasons you must be excited for. Taylor Swift recently revealed that the release of her new track, there will be collaboration in clothing with the ace designer Stella McCartney. This collaboration will be highly based on her new lyrics and of course the pastel that can be clearly seen on the singer’s Instagram account.

If you have been quite vigilant recently, you might have been able to eye one of the items that Swift posted recently. Haven’t seen it? Don’t worry we are here to help. The item is Anabela Chan Love Heat Hoop Earring for which the retail price is $2,120 online. Now it is true that the price is quite steep but Taylor does make them look real appealing. In the picture, she has coordinated or combined her beautiful earrings with a baby pink bikini, a furry coat and sunglasses to complete the look. The jewels in the earrings have traces pink, white and canary diamonds and they are set in 18K gold here. The earrings have some 80s feel to it and are little bit kitschy. The sets are perfectly over-the-top and may just be the pieces you have been looking for to collect in order to accessorize your going-out outfits in recent times.

The new song of Taylor Swift’s album You Need to Calm Down takes a strong stand in support of LGBTQ community but in addition to that, we have been repeating the lyrics again and again in order to connect them with these beautiful heart earrings. It must be evident by now that we are obsessed with Swift’s earrings and it has been difficult for us to calm down. By the way, the lines “Love is Love” might actually be perfect for the earrings that really screams this with the colourful wardrobe in this pride month.

In case you can’t afford these beautiful earrings, there are plenty of designs online that can be the perfect replacement to these without making your pockets suffers much. We are again indebted to the stylish singer for giving us more fashion inspiration here.


As you already know, the Anabela Chan Love Heart Hoop Earrings are priced at $2,120 and you can buy them from anabelchan.com if you can actually shell out that much money for this. Who knows maybe you are the biggest fan of the singer.

image source: asos.com

Liars and Lovers Open Hear Rhinestone Drop Earrings can be a very good replacement for the original ones. These beautiful earrings can be bought from us.asos.com at just $14 which was actually down from the original price of $21.

image source: neimanmarcus.com

Next option is Dannijo Constance Heart Earrings that can be easily bought from the website neimanmarcus.com. The price for one set was initially $170 but has now come down to just $95. It is a good deal and a beautiful set of earrings to follow the same heart theme that you would have wanted from those Taylor Swift posts.

image source: zara.com

You can shop at zara.com for its Limited Edition Jewel Heart Earrings at just $26. This is an absolute cracker of a deal and you wouldn’t want to miss this one at any cost.

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