Does Face Yoga Make You Look Younger? Try these 5 Face Exercises to experience the results


There are so many products in the market that claim to make us look younger and beautiful like before. The anti-aging creams, oils or serum promise us to lighten our wrinkles and give us a firm skin from the days of our youth. As it turns out, the secret to achieving the beautiful young skin is not in these products.

Facial exercise is a beauty routine that is equivalent to giving a workout session to your face. The Royal Meghan Markle claims that face exercises or the ‘face yoga’ helps her cheekbones and jawlines look much more sculpted. The benefits of face yoga have been downplayed in the past but a recent research study published in JAMA Dermatology revealed that the exercise can actually help people look younger.

The study took place over 20 weeks and was led by the vice chairman of dermatology at Northwestern University, Dr. Murad Alam. A group of 27 women participated in the study and only 16 of them completed the full program. These women aged between 40 and 65 and were instructed to perform facial exercises ever day for the first eight weeks and for the remaining 12 weeks, they were required to do it for 3-4 a week. The participants were photographed at the eight-week and twenty-week milestone.

The dermatologists were asked to comment on the appearances of the facial features of these women and they noticed some considerable improvement of their faces. The cheeks looked fuller and on an average, these women looked 3-4 years younger as compared to their appearances before the start of the program.

Cecilia Wong, a New York-based facial expert, tells us that it is similar to sending your face to the gym. According to her, we need to work out the muscles underneath our skin to keep them toned and sculpted and there are lots of them. People do facial yoga to prevent the signs to aging that includes loose skin.

There are number of benefits of face yoga and the biggest one is that it is completely natural and requires no chemical or injections to put you in lots of pain.

Here are 5 basic Face Yoga exercises to help you benefit from the process and improve your facial skin structure.

1. The X and O exercise

This exercise focuses on your cheeks and jaw muscles and helps to strengthen them. While you say these two letters, a movement will be induced in your face and will help burn the fat in this region. Keep your head still and make your face relaxed. Make a movement in your jaws, lips and cheeks by uttering X and O. Repeat the same for 10 minutes.

2. The cheek lift

You can smile your way through this exercise and also elevate your mood in the process. Close your lips smoothly at the start. Raise the corner of your lips by smiling widely and hold it for 10 seconds. This will stimulate you to check muscles and helps in exercising them.

3. Fish Face

Like the name suggests, make a fish face by drawing your cheeks inwards and keeping your lips closed. Try to smile while you hold the posture and hold the same for 15 seconds. The exercise is great for your jaws and cheeks and helps your lips to get a great shape as well. Repeat the same for 5 times.

4. Saxophone cheeks

Start with closing the lips firmly. Suck in all the air that you can and then puff up your cheeks. Hold the air for about 5-7 seconds with your right cheek before exhaling the air and then repeat the same with your left one. Repeat the process for 10 times.

5. Puppet face

The Puppet face exercise works on your complete face by strengthening your cheek muscles. Place the tip of your fingers at your cheeks where they crumble when you smile. Push them up at that point and hold that smile. You need to stay at that posture before returning back to the original form. You can save yourself from a probable botox if you follow this particular face exercise.

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