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Nail The Easy Techniques Of Removing Acrylic Nails Safely At Home!

Easy Techniques Of Removing Acrylic Nails Safely At Home!

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Taking off gel nail polish can be a very difficult task as they can damage your nail bed if not removed gently and by following a proper technique, that too at home without professional assistance. Acrylic nails are totally in trend as they not just add length to your nails but also give you that sassy, glam look. But the worst part about acrylic nails is removing them and not everyone prefers spending money and going to the salon to take them off.  If you are wondering about how to remove Fake nails naturally then worry not as we have compiled for you ways by which you can safely and effectively remove those stubborn falsies.           
So, if you want to nail the simple techniques of removing acrylic nails at home then there is no fuss as these tricks are super cool and amazing. Here are 3 hassle freeways and tips for removing acrylic nails at home without causing any harm to your nails.


1. Use of Acetone & Aluminium foil to Remove Acrylic Nails

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Taking off the acrylic nails in the salon can cause the nails to become thin, brittle, damaged and flimsy, so it’s better to keep handy kit tools at home so that you can take the falsies out without any serious damage.

Things Required to remove acrylic nails with acetone and aluminium foil:

  • Acetone
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cotton Balls/pads
  • Nail File
  • Foam Nail Buffer
  • Nail clipper
  • Petroleum Jelly


  • Without causing any damage to your nail tips, clip the acrylic nails as you will have to reduce down the acrylic area.
  • File away the acrylic nails top coat, nail polish so that the messy colour hand situation can be avoided.
  • Put the Acetone Soaked Cotton pads on your nails and cover it with aluminium pieces for minimum 30 minutes. Also, remember to first apply petroleum jelly/ Vaseline on your skin around the cuticles to protect it.
  • After waiting for 30 minutes remove the foil paper pieces gently from your nails. You will notice acrylic nails lifting off with the cotton pads.
  • Just in case you feel that it is difficult to get Acrylic Nails off even after soaking them for 30 minutes then put the cotton pads on again on your nails for 10 more minutes.
  • The last step is to buffer out the remaining acrylic nail paint if any. Make sure you apply nail strengthening and nourishing treatment after you buffer the polish off.
How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home – by Allyson Boubert