Game Of Thrones – The Strongest Claim to the Iron Throne


Caution: Major Spoilers ahead!

When it comes to fan’s theories and the elusive question that who sits on the Iron Throne, there is no shortage of options. While everyone wants to sit on the coveted chair, the road to the throne isn’t going to be an easy one. Let’s discuss the claim of the major characters in the series and how they fare against their chances to rule the seven kingdoms.

Daenerys Targaryen

Up until now, The Mother of Dragons had the strongest claim on the Iron Throne. She has dedicated almost her entire life for her father’s chair. This claim is also backed up by the immense strength and back up she has behind her which is more than anyone else. While her Targaryen blood made her the strongest and rightful heir to the throne, she has also been inspiring people by walking into the flames and surviving them. She has freed slaves and has the trust of unsullied and the Dothrakis alike. Not to forget, she is the mother of 3 full grown dragons (actually 2 now, given that the White Walker army has turned one against the livings). But the equation changed drastically when in the second episode of the final season, Jon Snow told her that he is actually her nephew and she realizes that he is the successor to Daenerys’ brother and the rightful heir to the throne.

Jon Snow

Named as the King in the North, Jon Snow is arguably the most loved character of the Game of Thrones. So much so that he was brought back from the dead as the audience raised havoc over his demise. The God of Light made him the chosen one and was resurrected for the good of his people. While Jon denies any intention of keeping the throne, he is one of the most able leaders and is loved by his subjects unconditionally. He is the true leader of the North and has massive respect among the wildlings and the men from the watch as well. Now that he is aware of the fact that he has the blood of a Targaryen, could he be the one sitting on the throne when and if they defeat the army of the dead?

Bran Stark

The theory of Bran Stark being the Night King himself is doing rounds all over the internet and if the fans are to be believed, he could actually be the one sitting on the throne, either as himself of the Leader of White Walkers. Bran is already the Third Eyed Raven and has the most powerful weapon to his means. With the immense, godly knowledge he possesses, it’s hard to keep him out of the contention for the one who sits on the Throne.

Sansa Stark

The Lady of Winterfell is one of the important characters in GOT. She is probably the one who has suffered the most in the process and the empathy of the audience shall strongly be with her. Sansa has now grown and learnt from all the adversities in her life. She survived the worst of her marriages that was abusive and degrading and in the process, found the way to adapt and survive the hardships of the same. She has learnt the manipulative tricks for Littlefinger, closely watched and studied Cersei’s ruthless leadership and is a strong contender for the throne without any special ability of her own.

Arya Stark

A girl with no name is probably the most ruthless assassin in the series right now. As they moves forward to strike off more names from her list, she has an uphill task right now to battle against the army of dead. Arya is arguably the most fearless fighter right now, thanks to her torturous yet useful learning. Some believe that at the end of series, the throne will show Cersei sitting on it and while the camera zooms in on her face, the mask shall be removed and it is Arya Stark who eventually completes her kill list and remains the lone survivor of the battle. And not to forget it was not King in the North John Snow or the Mother of Dragons that killed the head of White walkers, it was the brave Arya Stark.

Cersei Lannister

The Queen of the King’s Landing has nothing to lose now. After she was left by the love of her life, Jaime , she has now become the ruthless person, as if she was any less before, who wants to destroy everyone who stands in her way to the throne. Cersei doesn’t care about the army of the dead and instead sees this as an opportunity to take the North after they survive the hardest battle of their lives.

Tyrion Lannister

Last but certainly not the least, is the cleverest character on the show (as per many claims from other characters). The man who drinks and knows things is certainly the crowd favourite and has the potential to survive this final war as well. One crazy theory suggests that Tyrion will be the one sitting on the Iron Throne and he will be holding the child of Jon Snow and Daenerys on his lap, telling him the story of this legendary saga.

Seems insane? Let’s wait for few more weeks and see what happens in the Game of Thrones and who actually claims the Iron Throne!!