Get acquainted with the coronavirus and how it is hitting the globe badly

covid 19

A new lethal virus has reared its horrid head triggering grave concern amid the international health community. No other virus, war, natural catastrophe or other similar hardship has managed to draw the combined attention in such an influential way for an extremely long time. There is a spread of a novel coronavirus which is inflicting havoc on the entire globe now and had started from the city of Wuhan located in the Hubei province of China. The outbreak of the virus started early in December of 2019 and is continuing to spread till date. The folks who were the first ones to become infected were all linked to the South China wet wholesale market which has been shut ever since. The virus can spread from one individual to another via contact or even just being in the closeness of the disease-ridden individual. With the whole world collapsing under the strain of the domino effect of the coronavirus on society, and individuals finding different ways to deal with the trauma of it all, it seemed apt to throw light on this novel coronavirus.

What is coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbroke in 2019 is the seventh. Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) is a novel coronavirus-caused lung swelling, to which humans are usually vulnerable. Respiratory droplet and contact are the key paths of transmission. The infected patients generally exhibit pneumonia-like symptoms (fever, cough, dyspnea, etc.), diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms, followed by a severe acute respiratory infection. Some cases will have acute respiratory distress with serious respiratory problems, even resulting in a demise. The studies found that the virus is devised from the bats and then spread to humans. It is principally found in animals such as cows, pigs and chickens, and the animal carrying coronavirus exhibits symptoms like diarrhea and upper respiratory ailments and there is no medication or vaccine obtainable for its prevention.


Fever, coughing and trouble in breathing are some of the signs and symptoms which have been witnessed in the individuals infested. Some of the patients have also informed having a sore throat. Individuals with chronic diseases and aged patients may possess more probabilities of having a severe disease due to this virus.

Who all are at risk?

If you are living in the corona-infested region or have been to such areas or countries of late, you could be at risk of developing the ailment. Health workers handling the infections and the bodies of the dead are also at high risk and should take preventive measures all the time. Furthermore, individuals who have been in contact with close ones who were or are diseased with the virus are at a high risk of infection too.

Things to be taken care for prevention

The following things have to be taken care of so as to avert this virus from spreading.

  • Drink adequate water (boiled)
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid going to public places, if essential then carry a mask
  • Use clean fabric to stop running nose or while sneezing
  • If you experience any symptoms then consult straight to the doctor
  • If you voyaged recently internationally and find any symptoms then refer your clinician and tell them about this before visiting them.

The coronavirus pandemic has generated a considerable rise in anxiety and panic. It is imperative to know how to be watchful and calm simultaneously. This is the way to stay healthy and tranquil even during times when circumstances like this present themselves. If you are quarantined, appreciate the time with your family (if they are with you) and the same if your region is in lockdown. Make the most of the condition, so that this whole episode comes to a happy ending. Let’s hope that the coronavirus soon becomes a memory, condemned to history books.