Get Amazing Fashion Tips and Ideas From Singapore’s Top 5 Fashion Bloggers of 2020 [Updated]

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top fashion bloggers of singapore

The biggest advantage for top fashion bloggers in Singapore is the weather that remains hot for the entire years. While there are plenty of fashion choices for other seasons like winters and fall as well, but best bloggers in Singapore see summers as an opportunity to build a versatile and super-fashionable wardrobe. Singapore is also the perfect place to find great locations for some amazing background of the pictures of these fashion influencers. After all, it will only enhance the beauty of trendy and fashionable clothes. So just be ready and get amazing fashion tip and ideas from Singapore’s Top 5 fashion bloggers.

1. Andrea Chong – Also Known as Drea Chong

Andrea Chong - singapore fashion blogger

Andrea Chong is one of the top fashion bloggers in Singapore whose style is a mix of sophistication, casual fashion, the girl-next-door style and a bit of edginess. Her influences are largely drawn from a selection of a number of international fashion magazines. Andrea Chong goes by the motto of choosing the best outfit style without having to spend too much on them. She believes that it’s the confidence that makes you look good and not necessarily the expensive clothes that you buy. She has done a collaboration with several international brands as well as with local organizations too. Fan and followers admire Andrea because of her sense of style and she subsequently posts about lifestyle and fashion content on her social media platforms. She was voted as the Fashion Icon of the Year in the year 2015 at Singapore Social Media Awards and besides her fashion forte, she is also the founder of DC Creative which is a digital advertising agency. Andrea has around 309k followers on her Instagram account.

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2. Nicole Wong- An Influencer of Style

Nicole Wong - Fashion blogger singapore

Nicole Wong didn’t start her career in fashion blogging or media as she was a graphic designer in the beginning. She got her a few years back when she covered Seoul Fashion Week. From that moment on, she never looked back and become one of the most popular influencers in Singapore. Working with popular Korean brands, she went on to become an important contributor to Buro 24/7, NYLON Indonesia and Her World magazines. In her fashion blog, she focuses more on leather jackets and jewellery that are inspired from the 90s. She usually skips out the girly looks most of the time. Nicole is mostly seen active through her Instagram account where she shares her styles and related work. She has close to 55k followers on her account and over the years has gained great experience in fashion styling as well as the marketing of the same. She helps brands as a creative consultant by handling their Instagram accounts.   

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3. Christabel Chua – BellyWelllyJelly

CHRISTABEL - Singapore fashion blogger

Christabel Chua is in South Korea these days which is also known as the make-up capital of the world and counted as best bloggers in Singapore. She graduated from Australia and worked for a while with The Smart Local in Singapore. She takes her inspiration from famous fashion blog from LA names Song of Style. Her fashion style is quite girly and peppy and her fans perceive as someone with a girl next door image. Though she has over 244k followers on her Instagram account, she is still seemed accessible and friendly by her followers. It is this quality that makes people feel that is more of a friend than a fashion video host on the internet. Named Shiseido ambassador for the year 2015, she has collaborated with many international brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Forever 21 and many more. The list of her accolades doesn’t end here as she was also the winner of Miss Photogenic and Best Skin at the 2014 Miss Universe Singapore event.

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4. Viola Tan- Co-Founder of LoveBonito

Viola Tan - Lovebonito founder and fashion blogger

Amongst one of the most popular influencers in Singapore is Viola Tan who one of the three members of Love Bonito. As a child, Viola wanted to be a lawyer or a novelist but life had different plans for her. Her company is responsible for the clothes of so many girls in Singapore. Her looks have elements of edgy glamour while the sophistication is clearly maintained. Her designs are often inspired by cultures and people she meets.


5. Velda Tan – Founder of Collatethelabel and Oursecondnature

Velda Tan - fashion blogger singaoore

Velda is the second member of Love, Bonito and is no less than a fashion icon in the country and beyond and also the founder of Collatethelabel and Oursecondnature. She boasts of more than 155k followers to Instagram who looks up to her classic style that is simple but uses only high-quality fabrics that make her look amazing. Her designs are loved by the young Singaporeans who succeed in looking in super stylish and fashionable but don’t necessarily need to spend a hefty sum on the price.

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