Get one of these Amazing Laser Hair Removal Devices for Home!

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Removing unwanted hair from your body is often a daunting task and if you choose to go for best laser hair removal sessions, they can put some burden on your pocket. The process may cost you somewhere around $6000 and requires multiple sessions as well. For those who don’t want to spend that kind of money on it and are wondering if there is an alternative to just stay at home and get it done, then we have got the answer for you. Some of the best laser hair removal devices are easily available now and you can use them without worrying about the safety or hefty price tag.

After consultation with many expert dermatologists, we have enlisted 5 devices for you and you can get one of these amazing laser hair removal devices for the home. Check them out right now.

1At Price of $280, Get Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

The interesting fact about these best laser hair removal devices is that most of them don’t really use lasers to remove hair but they rather use Intense Pulse Light which targets the melanin of our hair and after the repeated process, the hair follicle is destroyed permanently. The Remington iLight Pro Plus device stands out as the design helps in making treatment of large skin areas both easy and fast. The replacement is only done after 30,000 pulses are given off.

The only catch with this device is the same as with most of the IPL devices. The inability to differentiate between the darker tone of the skin and the hair puts it at risk of burning the skin. As a result, the device is not safe for darker tones.

2The Safer IPL  device of Silk’n Infinity 400,000 at $399

Although the Silk’n Infinity uses IPL light as well but this device is safe for all skin colours and is one of the best laser hair removal devices one can ever find. The small and circular design of the device helps in easy treatment of the hair removal process and is highly customizable, thanks to 5 level energy settings on it. The price may be on a steeper side when compared to its Remington counterpart but the ability to run for 400,000 pulses steers it clear of any competition in the longevity department of the device. The reason why it is deemed safe for all skin types is because of the fact that it emits a broader spectrum of light instead of a single wavelength. This technology helps achieve better results on darker skin tones as well.

3Buy Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x at $499

This device is the only FDA-approved laser device for its use at home. This may be a good enough reason why a steep price of $499 is still justifiable. For professional-level results, this device is a favourite of dermatologists and patients alike and recommended as best laser hair removal devices. It also has a 5-level energy setting and an LED display to help you guide through the process.

4The One For The Face, Remington iLight Ultra at $619

This device is particularly useful for parts of your face where you want to get the treatment done. Whether it’s your neck, upper lip, chin or the sideburns, you can use it effectively on all those parts but remember to steer clear of the eyes as the exposure directly to the lasers or the IPL can even cause blindness. Remember one more thing that the device is not very effective for light coloured hair but still preferable for best laser hair removal.

5For The Price Of $445, Buy Illuminage Touch Permanent

Coming to the end of devices that can give you the best laser hair removal at home, we have got the Illuminate Touch Permanent which offers 120,000 and is powered by IPL technology. The previous issue of tackling with light coloured hair is path-breaking progress by this device. The best results are got when this device is used only once a week for a span of 6-7 weeks. The key to getting favourable results is by using these devices consistently and as per directions. The process might be slow but you will get to see the results surely. Make sure you read the instructions carefully for every device since they can be different for each one of them.

So, which Hair Removal Devices are you going to grab soon for your silky and hair-free skin?
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