A detailed guide on how to highlight your hair at home that you will definitely thank us for later!

Simple steps to dye your hair at home like professionals!

color your hair at home
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Your hair defines you. This is one statement that you have to remember at whatever time you feel the impulse to change something about your hair. Why spend so much to highlight your hair with harsh and unnatural-looking dyes and chemicals at salons when you can highlight hair at home for a fraction of the cost? Also, because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are all at home and you can use this time to learn colouring hair at home. If you have always desired to try your hands at how to dye hair at home, try these hair color tips and add some oomph factor to your style.

How can I highlight hair at home?

OK, before you go all DIY and give yourself a complete head of highlights, bear in mind that as highlighting hair implicates bleach, it takes lots of time and knowledge to do it properly. If you have already decided to highlight your hair at home and nothing can deter you, at the very least, just stick to your hairline. That way, you are linking the front of your hair to the rest of your color, so it won’t look as grown out, If you mess it up, you aren’t wedged trying to fix your whole hair. Also, don’t be excessively ambitious; just begin small. And also, if your base color is anything darker than medium blonde, you should steer clear of at-home highlights. This is because at a salon, your colorist tailors your dye and developer to give you the precise color you are eyeing for, but at-home highlight kits are kind of like a one-size-fits-all kit. That means it is super easy to wind up with metallic highlights when you are trying it yourself, particularly on brunette shades.

Can I use regular hair dye for highlights?

No, never and please don’t. Unless you are working with virgin, un-dyed hair, the solitary way to highlight your hair at home is with bleach. This is because hair dye can’t lift hair dye, so an at-home kit with bleach is kind of your solitary option.

Can I highlight my hair without bleaching them?

In a way yes! It is categorically possible to lighten your hair naturally, but you have to have genuine expectations (the first being that nothing will lighten your hair as speedily or efficiently as bleach). Though you should certainly steer clear of DIYs that are pointed with harsh and drying constituents like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar, you can play around with natural components that also help the overall healthiness of your hair like honey or cinnamon. Natural DIYs to the side, you have also got preferences when it comes to products as well.

Step by step hair color tips guide

Step 1: Gather your materials: After you have secured an at-home highlight kit, hold on for a minute as you will also have to grab some tools. You will need a clean toothbrush or a petty coloring brush to help you form those small, accurate strokes in the layers bordering your face. And even though you may be lured to grab some aluminum foil, don’t as it is way too perilous for at-home highlights as it accelerates the lightening procedure and can essentially cause your hair to go too light (resulting in tons of hair breakage ahead). Instead, shred a few cotton balls or squares to place above your highlights. Not only will this help separate your bleached strands from your remaining hair, but the cotton will also keep the bleach active without drying off.

Step 2: Follow the instructions wisely: Every at-home highlight kit comes with diverse guidelines, so do yourself and your hair a favor by reading them meticulously before you begin. Following your guidelines is the safest way to get the paramount end outcome, so forget that YouTube tutorial and concentrate on the given exact instructions.

Step 3: Don’t overdo it: Remember that bleach and hair dyes are categorically harsh on your hair, so if your end outcomes aren’t relatively what you were hoping for, take a break before you give it another try. You should wait at least two weeks until you treat your hair again—or, better yet, you should see an expert who can rectify your color and get you back on the right track. In the intervening time, the superlative thing you can do for highlighted hair is to repeatedly hydrate and condition it with any sulfate-free and color-safe formula solution.

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