When you buy tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland, the process is pretty straightforward, especially when compared to puzzling selections at some other Disneyland parks across the world. The standard price for Hong Kong Disneyland ticket is quite reasonable when we compare it with price at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The park has different ticket prices at different points but you can also find better deals and discount when you plan to take the trip.

1Discounts for Hong Kong Disneyland TicketsThe Happiest Place on Earth

It is very much possible to find cheap tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland and one of the most reliable discounters is China Travel Service. They have their counter at Hong Kong Airport and many other branches in downtown Hong Kong. If you buy tickets from here, the prices would often be around HK$50-HK$100 cheaper than buying them online or at the park. It serves as an added advantage for your vacation packages. The only catch is that there won’t be tickets for the weekends so you can either visit it on a weekday or risk paying the full price of the ticket.

Another online reseller is Klook who sells discounted weekend but are limited in number. One can easily save 10-15% from these and the tickets are issued directly to your mobile phones too.

2Prices For Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

If you want to explore the most expensive way to visit the park, then purchase the standard one day ticket. The tickets bought here almost never discounted and would be a nightmare if you are coming here for a cheap travel destination. The Hong Kong Disney land ticket prices for 2019 are given below.

If you buy a two-day ticket, it is just a few dollars more than the price of a one day ticket. The best thing about the two-day ticket is that it will allow to not only save money but will also be able to visit the park on two different days as per your convenience.

 One Day Ticket Prices

  • Adult: HK$639 (approximately $79 U.S. dollars) 
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$478 ($58)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$100 ($13)

Two Day Ticket Prices

  • Adult: HK$825 ($102)
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$609 ($75)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$170 ($22)

If you are looking for tickets at a discounted price with more great offers, you can book your tickets from Klook.

3Magic Access Passes Magic Access For Year-Round Fun

If you buy the annual passes, it will be the most cost-effective decision in case you haven’t already got the best travel deals. The catch is that you would need to spend at least 3 days in the park to make it worth your money. These are called magic access passes and can be bought online as well as in the park.

Silver Magic Access Pass gives 220 days of access to the park with this pass but it doesn’t include weekends or holidays. The pass holders receive 10% off park merchandise, and 15% off stays at the Hong Kong Disneyland hotels.

The Gold Magic Access Pass gives you park access for 340 days that includes most weekends, but not holidays. You also get 10% off park merchandise, 20% off stays at Hong Kong Disneyland hotels, free parking, and much more.

True Disney fans would want to visit every single day of the year and the Platinum Magic Pass entitles you to a 365-day ticket. Free parking, complimentary buffet dinner on your birthday and much more are on the plate.

Silver Magic Access Pass

  • Adult: HK$1238 ($158)
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$880 ($112)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$316 ($40)
    • Student: (Ages 12-25) HK $880 ($112)

– 220 Days of Park Access. (Mostly on weekdays)
– Discount Parking
– Hotel dinner buffer offer on Birthdays – Buy 3 get 1 free

Gold Magic Access Pass

  • Adult: HK$1999 ($255)
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$1409 ($180)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$525 ($67)
    • Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$1409 ($180)

– 340 days of park access mostly on weekdays and weekends
– 24 times free parking in year + discounted price for parking after that.
– An additional benefit of one FASTPASS ticket each time (subject to availability and benefit limits)
– Get Hotel dinner buffet offer of Buy 2 to get 1 free on your birthday

Platinum Magic Access Pass

  • Adult: HK$3491 ($446)
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$2485 ($317)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$890 ($113)
    • Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$2485 ($317)

– 365 days of park access
– Free Parking
– Get Additional FASTPASS ticket each time (subject to availability and benefit limits)
– Extra Benefit of online seat reservation for Mickey and the Wondrous Book
– Hotel Dinner buffet – Buy1 get 1 free on your birthday

4Hong Kong Resident Magic Access Passes

Hong Kong residents receive reduced prices for the annual Magic Access passes but the same is not applicable for one-day or two-day passes. Residents can expect even more reduced prices as well.

Resident Silver Magic Access Pass

  • Adult: HK$1178 ($150)
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$828 ($105)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$290 ($37)
    • Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$828 ($105)

Resident Gold Magic Access Pass

  • Adult: HK$1888 ($241)
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$1345 ($171)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$485 ($61)
    • Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$1345 ($171)

Resident Platinum Access Pass

  • Adult: HK$3348 ($427)
    • Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$2375 ($303)
    • Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$820 ($104)
    • Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$2375 ($303)

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