Pastels and spring are truly synonymous. The soft shades get highlighted in gardens, on Easter eggs and in our apparels, providing a longed-for transformation from the dark, subdued tones of the colder months. But don’t stop there: pastels are also an enormous makeup trend this season. Had enough of smokey eyes and bronzed cheeks? Fortunate you are as the newest trend in makeup is all about pretty pastels. From powder pinks to frosty blues and soft yellows—these colors can all be a share of your makeup appearance now. And now that spring has finally reached and your craving for brighter shades is perhaps increasing, it is time for a quick livener on some diverse but equally fabulous ways to rock pastel look without looking too gaudy.

If you are girlish and like to keep things fairytale-ish, the pastel makeup trend may just be your ally. Subjugated by soft pinks, pale turquoise and light lavender, the pastel makeup trend can be worn on your cheeks, eyes and lips. If you wish to keep things rosy, the eyes can be light pink, the cheeks a light shade of baby pink and lips a glossy peach.

But if you are eyeing to stand out with the pastel makeup trend, keep the rest of your face nude and just add a bit of icy blue eyeshadow on the eyes. Pale pink, baby blue, mauve, mint, soft yellow, peach: there are heaps of dazzling pastels to tinker with. They look gorgeous when applied to one feature or brushed on the whole face.

Forget the outmoded pastels of yesteryears, today’s shades offer soft, pure swabs of color and rich, profoundly pigmented options for dramatic appearances. Irrespective of the formulation, pastel makeup adds an ethereal varnish that mermaid and unicorn fans will find quite enticing. The charm is only augmented when pastel makeup is pooled with a pastel outfit. It is officially spring now, so don’t delay in rejoicing with pastel makeup. Look for your beloved sugared almond shades and take encouragement from the runways on how to wear them.

Thinking of tackling the pastel trend for your routine beauty appearance? Pastels are doing anything but keeping to their soft, pale characters this season, particularly in the beauty world where they are making your spring makeup routine a lot more electrifying. Now, the classic red lip becomes a more contemporary sherbet pout and eyes are moderated by powdery mint and mauve in place of a ferocious smoky eye. Sounds dreamy, right? See for yourself! Take a look at the dreamiest eye candy around—these 30 looks exhibit the loveliest pastel makeup perfection. Enjoy the Spring season ladies and paint the town red with your new makeup looks!