How to Travel Europe on a Pocket-Friendly Budget?


Budget Travel To Europe!

A trip to Europe is possibly the most anticipated travel dream for people of all ages. Right from a college going teenager to a grandma in 60s, everyone loves Europe and has collectively helped it become the most visited continent on our planet. So many of us want to travel to Europe but we wait until our bank balance has enough digits to take one. The thing that most people are not aware of is that this trip can be taken in a very affordable manner with some research and few money-saving techniques. You might not have got last minute travel deals or a cheap flight tickets but except for the airfare, we have made a list of simple tricks that save you a lot more money than your usual vacation packages.

So, maybe it’s time to stop looking for cheap travel destination and head to Europe. Have a look at some money saving tricks below.

Go for a Hostel- A similar or even better substitute to Hotels

Hostel is not just a place where you live in isolation like a Hotel. It is a place where you get to meet interesting travelers, get to do some fun activities and get to save some money in the process. For solo travelers, hostels are undoubtedly the best option. The dorm prices are somewhere between $12-15 for a night and you can crash into one without worrying about anything. We bet your vacation packages didn’t give you this option.

Car-sharing services are pretty cool

When travelers are traveling to some destination and they have some extra room to share, you can bid for them in car pooling sites like BlaBlaCar or similar ones that work perfectly fine in Europe. The region is perfect for this service where it works smoothly. The prices are extremely affordable and you get to see places that you wouldn’t on trains otherwise.

Couch surfing / House Sitting

Couch surfing offers travelers a chance to travel to cities where people can host their stay without any fees. Some of the hosts may even offer you private room and we assure you that you will definitely save more that you could have on cheap flight tickets or last minute travel deals. A similar concept is of house sitting where the host leaves the house to you while they are on vacation somewhere else. With basic chores to do, you have an entire house to yourself.

Free Walking Tours

Free walking sees a tour guide walking a group of people to the important places in the city and this is organized by one or the other tour operator. You can turn up to these tours for free. This is an excellent opportunity to know about things you didn’t know otherwise and a chance to save yourself from high priced tour guides.

Skip Eurail for FlixBus

FlixBus travels across 20 countries to up to 1000 destinations and is an affordable substitute to Eurail. These low prices are not at all the reflection of the quality they maintain. You will get free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and lots of space for your luggage.

All-Inclusive City Cards
If you are a fan of local popular sites and you can’t afford to miss any, then get yourself a city card. It lets you save a lot of bucks as your entry to many sites and travel on metro is covered. You can also consider a single day travel pass to roam around locally.

Eat Street

If you intend to see Europe on a pocket-friendly spending, refrain from sitting down in restaurants for having your meals. Eat local on the streets and save a good amount of money.

Take night trains/ buses

Traveling at night allows you to spend less for same destination that you would have gone to at other times.

Travel Off-Season
Let’s not skip the obvious one wherein you can really save a lot by traveling during the off-season. The places are less crowded, the queues are shorter, the hotels are emptier and thus you get a good a deal of price. So enjoy as much as you can during this off-season Euro Trip stint.

Follow these 10 tricks while traveling to Europe and we bet your Budget will be a Pocket- friendly one and would not exceed.