How to Travel Thailand on Pocket-friendly Budget?


Thailand is by far the most popular travel destination amongst travellers. It is the center of attraction of Southeast Asia and for all the good reasons. Thailand has so much to offer to it travellers, no matter what your budget is. Whether you are looking for luxury travel or are on a restricted budget it has the best to offer you in both cases. On the other hand, Thailand is very affordable to explore, that is the reason it why backpacking is very popular in the country. Also, you can make your vacation to Thailand a pocket-friendly one by following these simple tricks and tips.

Opt for Cheap Food

Thailand is known for its delicious, Healthy and Cheap food delicacies. You can explore a lot of options in food items as the food is varied and also can discover distinct dishes & flavours from across major towns nearby. Also, in order to save on food, you can go for local street food items. Wander down the streets and discover food at the cheapest prices. Street food may range from $0.17 – $0.33 per dish.

Travel Off season

If you do not wish to visit Thailand during the peak, busy time which starts from November and ends around March then consider visiting during the off-season which starts from March end to October. The advantages of travelling during the offseason are that: Firstly the place is less crowded, Secondly hotel, flight and accommodation are cheaper.

Cheapest Transportation Modes

If you are planning to cut down on your travel expenses in Thailand then the first thing you need to do is avoid booking your transportation in advance through a travel agency.        
Trains are the cheapest way of commuting in Thailand if you are planning to travel a long distance. Train fare of 3rd class from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani- $6.77 and Bangkok to Chiang Mai- $8.94. Local buses are the second cheapest mode of transportation in Thailand that will help you explore every corner of the country easily. The cheapest price of the bus is $8.25 – $11.57.

Pocket- Friendly Accommodations

For accommodation purpose, Thailand is comparatively cheap than other popular travel destinations. Thailand caters to all kind of travellers it provides accommodation for all, be it luxury hotel stay or hostels for backpackers.  
The backpackers’ culture is on jump in Thailand, so there are a lot of stays cheap pricing options that you can choose from. So, if you are looking for cheap, affordable and pocket-friendly accommodation then go in for Dorms, Hostels, Guesthouse, Airbnb, etc. Dorm beds cost around– ($3.30 – $6.60) per night. Also, to save a few bucks on your accommodation in Thailand you can also try Couchsurfing. It is an exciting way of interacting with locals and exploring their culture.                     

Cheap Activities

Thailand is a travel hub for all good reasons. It has so much to offer to the travellers, from lush green jungles, beautiful beaches, world-class water activities, exciting hiking options, to delicious food, crazy party spots and so much more. If you have a tight budget while traveling to Thailand then you can book a day tour for yourself, costing between $15 and $35 per day. Also, if you are an adventure junkie then trekking and zip-lining is something that you will definitely enjoy and it won’t even cause a hole in your pocket (Costing $30- $50 per day). For relaxing & exploring historic places you can wander through parks and national museums (Costing $1- $3). Isn’t that super cheap!!

Book your tour after you arrive

Thailand is full of travel agencies so its better you book your tour after you arrive as you may fall in some trap and book it expensive online. Brush up your negotiation skills and bargain to get the best tour package for yourself.

Follow these super helpful tricks while travelling to Thailand and we bet your Budget will not exceed and your vacation will be a pocket-friendly one.