It was actually Irina Shayk who dumped Bradley Cooper and not the other way around!


Earlier this week, reports said that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationship was hanging by a thread. The developments have confirmed the same as they have stopped living together and Irina has moved out of his mansion. Things between them haven’t been good for a few months now and Irina decide to move out and stay at her own citing that it would be best for both of them. The events confirm that there isn’t much left for them together.

The couple has been together now for 4 years and they share a two year old daughter, Lee De Seine. The above report has emerged just months after rumours surfaced about Bradley’s chemistry with Lady Gaga in A Star is Born. But it wasn’t the first time that things didn’t look good between the celebrity couple. A source close to both of them revealed that neither of them was happy and the relationship didn’t look to hold on for long.

Apparently when the break-up news broke out, everyone was quick to jump to the conclusion that it was Bradley who broke up with Irina after four years of relationship. As it turns out, all of them were wrong. A source close to the couple spoke with Entertainment Tonight and revealed that Irina was the one who felt that it was finally the time to call of the relationship. Irina wasn’t happy with the level of commitment from Bradley and decided that enough was enough. The endless fight between them became unbearable and they came to realize that they were entirely different people than each other. They realized that it was the baby that was holding them together and nothing more than that. Once they gave a thought about the whole situation, they decided to call it quits.

Some of the close friends to the couple were of the opinion that both of them didn’t really get a chance to know each other outside of their family. All of it happened too fast and it was too much to understand in that short span of time.  Sources said that the two had been unhappy for quite some time now and they had decided to split up during the release of A Star is Born but were rightly advised against it. The break-up could have potentially overshadowed the release of the movie resulting in negative performance of the same.

Irina thought that once the press tour for the movie was over, they could get a chance to repair their relationship but it didn’t work as per her plan. She really had high hopes for their future and believed that once the baby came to life they could find some time for each other leading to a potential marriage but none of it came true. The biggest gap was in the fact that she wanted more from Bradley but he just couldn’t give her enough time as he was always busy working too much.

The whole world was going crazy over Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s chemistry in A Star is Born and especially after their intimate performance in the Academy Awards this year. The pair gave a live performance of ‘Shallow’ at the stage of Oscar and people just went wild. Irina Shayk was also present in the audience while the pair spread their undeniable chemistry through the hall that evening. We can only wonder what she felt at that moment.

Lady Gaga appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently shortly after the Oscars and addressed to the rumours surrounding her and Bradley Cooper. She was harsh and angry on social media and called it the toilet of the internet as it has done more damage to pop culture than good. According to her, people came and saw love in the movie which is what they had wanted their audience to witness. That was a love song and people would have seen chemistry in that performance. Gaga said that she and Cooper performed ‘Shallow’ as characters from the movie and nothing more. They wanted to give their best performance and that is what they did and she is very happy about that.