Know the Best Lighting Options for Makeup Application


It is so weird and tricky that different types of mirrors and lighting make us look completely different everywhere. Most of the times we end up assuming that our make up skills are not right, whereas the problem is not the makeup but good lighting.

A good lighting in the room can do wonders in so many ways and it does have major effects on your makeup look. It not just enhances the look of the entire room but also gives better illumination while you are applying your makeup.

So, after doing some research we found out a few lighting & mirrors that can improve your makeup rooms/bathroom light situation and give you a perfect and more flattering look. Scroll to know how you can achieve the best lighting to apply makeup like a pro.
But before that let’s have a look at the lighting mistakes that you must avoid.

Avoid these 4 Lights in your Makeup room

Here are a few lights that are a Big NO for your bathroom/Makeup room lighting.

1. Fluorescent Light
Keep Fluorescent lights away from all the places that you get ready or apply your makeup. No one can ever look good in the Fluorescent lights. The unflattering Fluorescent lights can make you overdo with your foundation, bronzer, and blush.

2. Yellow Light
Yellow light can make you look pale and sick and that may lead you to use too much foundation, powder, and concealer. In an effort to hide the spots and paleness, you might go overboard with your makeup.

3. Pink Light
Rosy pink lights are the best kind of lights and they tend to make you feel good about yourself as the lights give an illusion of healthy vibrant skin. But do not fall for this trap as these lights will make your complexion look vibrant and skin glow, due to which you may end up going soft with your concealer and you may end up missing blemishing and dark spots.

4. Downlighting
Downlighting makes you look older as it shines on your wrinkles and causes shadow below the eyes making you look scary. Due to the inappropriate scattering of light, it is not possible to do get the perfect makeup look in Down lighting.

List of Best lighting Options while applying makeup

1. Reign Charm Holly – Bathroom/Vanity Mirror

Add this to your vanity and you won’t regret for sure!! The multipurpose Vanity Mirror not just gives a fabulous makeover to your vanity table but also is very handy to use. The mirror comes in 2 shades, white and black. Also, it has 12 dimmable lights bulbs attached to it, 2 USB ports and standard outlets, so that you can charge your phone and plug in your straighter or curler. PRICE- $310

Natural Light

Take full advantage of the natural light while applying makeup. There is no best lighting option during makeup than the natural sunlight. All you have to do is take a mirror outside in the daylight and you will be able to apply your makeup perfectly.

OttLite Natural Daylight -Makeup Mirror

This portable mirror is the best option for times you are travelling. You can place it on your desk and apply your makeup easily. Having two light panels with natural illumination and 5 x magnifications, this makeup mirror is the best choice to attain the perfect makeup look.
PRICE- $30

Jerdon HL88CLD LED Lighted Direct Wire Wall Mount -Makeup Mirror

Looking for a makeup mirror that is more subtle and will be a useful addition to your vanity!! Well, your search is finished as we have for you a unique LED lighted mounted swivel mirror which offers 8 x magnifications. The best feature of this mirror is that it distributes light evenly around the mirror.
PRICE- $95

Glamcor Tec Multimedia Extreme with Selfie Function

Are you someone who uploads a lot of Youtube videos or is into Vlogging. If yes then this should be your pick. The game-changing product is famous amongst celebrity makeup artists as it has amazing features like- Adjustable lights, light weighted, portable. So, if you are someone who is ready to invest big for the best lighting then this one is worth every penny. PRICE- $523

Wait no more and add these best lighting makeup mirrors to your vanity and do follow our tips on makeup room lighting that you must avoid.