Luxury Basics That Make Any Outfit Look More Expensive


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Fashion Upgrades that will add Value to your Wardrobe

You cannot deny the fact that your wardrobe is divided into two sections. One is the section that consists of fashion items that are not very expensive and you discard them from time to time whereas on the other hand there is the section that has selected items that are expensive and that add value to your wardrobe.

Mostly all of us have a handful of items in our wardrobe that are close to our heart as we have invested a huge chunk of our savings on them. Such items are versatile and high quality and worth every penny. On the other hand to look expensive you need not always have to purchase expensive stuff. Adding these pieces to your wardrobe will definitely cost you pocketful of money but the perk to it is that you will wear them and almost forever (But that is totally a personal choice).

Here are a few tips and fashion upgrades that will not just make you look expensive but also trendy. And surprisingly these items are stylish yet Basic!!

Camel Coats

Camel Coat to enhance luxury look

The best thing that you can add to your winter clothing is the Camel Coat. When it comes to cozy yet stylish coats then nothing can beat a structured camel coat. There is something about the Coat style and colour that gives it an expensive and chic look. This piece of clothing is timeless and will never go out of fashion. You don’t have to try hard to mix and match things with the camel coat. Pair it with a good pair of jeans and white tee and you are all set to rock the look. The sharp and clean look of the camel coat gives a sexy and rich lady feel.

White Sneakers

Well, who doesn’t like a nice clean pair of white sneakers!! Good Footwear is something that has a great impact on the overall look. So, to attain the expensive look what is better than a pair of classic white sneakers. You would say heels are more impactful than sneakers, as heels can easily be the first choice for parties and night outs but there is something very impressive about White Sneakers. They are voguish, you can pay little or more for them and they just go with whatever you wear and look super cool.

Fine Jewellery

Perfect Fine Jewellery can always elevate your outfit. If you have bag full of money to spend on jewellery then go for dreamy diamond studs as they go with almost everything and gives a royal look. On the other hand if you have a budget restrain then you can either go for polished jewellery or add a classic leather or metal watch to your vanity. You can also expand your scope by going for ethnic or vintage jewellery.

A Sturdy HandBag

A good bag captures a lot of attention and also makes a pretty good statement. Look for handbags with classic designs and neutral colors like black, white and tan because these are colors that are evergreen and will never get out of trend. Pick a handbag that is on point and go best with your outfit. Attain the expensive look by adding structured handbag to your collection as they give and elegant and classy look. And as they rightly say A Quality handbag is always worth investing.

A Good Fragrance

Your outfit is incomplete if you do not add the perfect perfume to it. It’s important to keep different perfumes for different occasions. And also it is not always important to buy a high end perfume for yourselves. Scents that last long and suits your personality must be the most suitable option in the check box. To avoid mixing too many fragrances use a unscented moisturizer before applying perfume. So, if you have a big budget to spend on perfumes then purchase a fragrance that is best rated as it gives an illusion of great wealth else go for something that is unique and enhances your presence wherever you go. (Even if it’s cheap)

The main purpose of this list is to guide you on how you can upgrade your fashion trends and add value to your wardrobe, with or without purchasing expensive items. Follow these basic tips and tricks and we bet you are soughed a long time.