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Major Blow to Pakistan As US Reacts Negatively To Its Request Of Mediating On Article 370 In Kashmir!

The article on Major Blow to Pakistan As US Reacts Negatively To Its Request Of Mediating On Article 370 In Kashmir? was last updated in August 2019 and contains information related to The End of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, United States reaction on Article 370, J&K to be divided into two Union Territories, Donald Trump’s mediation claims in J&K, Article 370 held back the developments in J&K- PM Modi, India.

Major blow to Pakistan as US reacts negatively to its request of mediating on Article 370 in Kashmir

In a major blow to Pakistan, US has reacted negatively to its request of mediating between India and Pakistan on the issue of article 370 in Kashmir. The news comes days after revoking of article 370 in Kashmir took place. The United States clearly mentioned that India’s decision to scrap the article which gave special status to J&K is “internal matter” of the country. It, however, also said the reports about mass detention in the state are a matter of concern and it is keeping a close watch on the developments in the region.

The statement from the US can be seen as a major disappointment for the Pakistani government who were hoping for some support from the former. Pakistan tried to raise the concern to the international community after it outright rejected the Indian government’s decision on the fate of Kashmiri region. It called the step as “illegal” and “unilateral” and even went on to say that it vows to exercise “all possible options” in a bid to counter India’s move. The US spokesperson added that it urges India to look out for the individual rights and respect them and discuss the matter with those communities who have been affected by this decision.


1. J&K To Be Divided Into Two Union Territories

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The upper house of Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha had recently passed the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill that received strong protests from the key opposition party, Congress and the regional parties of the state. According to the bill, the J&K state will now be divided into two Union Territories namely, J&K and Ladakh. While J&K will be a UT with the legislature, Ladakh will be a UT without legislature. Section 144 was imposed on the Monday morning in the state when Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, announced the End of Article 370 that gave special status to J&K. The schools and colleges have been ordered to be shut until further notice. It is to be noted that leaders of the mainstream parties in J&K were arrested after being in house arrest initially. These leaders include ex-CMs Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah as well.