Mistakes To Avoid While Vintage Shopping


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10 most common mistakes that you are likely to do while doing vintage shopping

The fashion trends keep on changing and so does the clothes made by top brands in the industry. Whether it is spring styles, summer collection or winter fashion, we see arrival of new latest fashion and fashion accessories to accompany the same. While it is quite impossible to keep up with the changing fashion trends, we can surely buy some vintage stuff at a thrift shop or a resale outlet near us and that too at unbelievable prices.

Although thrifting is exciting and quite eco-friendly, the rookie shoppers can easily make some of the common mistake while looking their perfect fashion accessory or clothes. So we have made a list of 10 most common mistakes that you are likely to do and should totally avoid while vintage shopping.

1. Forgetting to carry a measurement tape
One of the most important pieces of kit or prop you can carry while vintage shopping is a measurement tape. Usually you wouldn’t find a changing room in such outlets so it is better to be sure of the size you are buying than be sorry later.

2. Lost in the transition
There is so much that these vintage shops offer all the time that it is possible for a newbie to fall in the overwhelming situation easily. Before all the options make your head go spinning, it is important that you enter the place knowing exactly what you came for.

3. Buying something that doesn’t fit you now
People often tend to go for things that they feel they would fit in someday. Do not do that! It is easy to fit something larger into a smaller one but not the other way around. So whether it’s your favourite spring style dress or something that has reappeared in the latest fashion trends, don’t buy small.

4. No trial, No Error
Sometimes people don’t try on the clothes they find at thrift shop and buy them now to regret later. This happens because often the size label shown on the clothes don’t fit like it. So it is always advisable to try things on whenever you can.

5. Not choosing wisely and ending up with bad condition clothes
This is a tough task that the seller won’t do for you. You need to separate the clothes with good condition from the bad ones. Look closely for holes, stains and other signs that can help you avoid buying them in a hurry.

6. Falling into trap of heavy discount
Make sure you don’t fall in the trap of heavy discounts. Be sure of what you actually want and not be lured by something that has major off on it. There might be a good reason why they are being sold at such low prices, look for that reason if you really want to buy it.

7. Overlooking the holes or stains
This is a classic mistake done by those who usually don’t inspect clothes while shopping. Many of these vintage clothes are not in the best shape and are a strict no for buying. So it is important that a thorough inspection is done with the same as holes are always difficult to fix and some of the stain marks never really go away.

8. Little or No Information about Vintage v/s Second-hand
Vintage is something that is normally more than 20 years old and while the same is often confused with second-hand, both are quite different from each other in importance and value both.

9. Unable to differentiate between different kinds of stores
It becomes very important that shoppers know the exact difference between a thrift shop, a vintage shop and a resale shop. This way, people can really understand the concept and know what to expect from each. Thrift shop receives donations and they accept the clothes from all around. This doesn’t count or consider the fashion trends or style for that matter.

Vintage shops buy strictly from wholesalers or mills that deal in vintage clothes and have a unique collection than the others. Resale shops buy from people, that is, the general public on a walk-in basis.

10. Not enquiring about the products
There is so much to ask from the seller, like how old is the piece? Where did it come from? What material has been used? And yet some of the new shoppers are too afraid to ask these important ones. The more information we have, the better is the chance to select a good item.