New Menswear 2019


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Keeping up with the fashion trends is a tough job, especially when men’s fashion trends are also a constant part of the ever changing fashion industry. When we talk about menswear, we are not just suggesting the clothes for men but also the fashion accessories that go hand in hand with the same. The watches, caps, footwear, sunglasses are all part of the overall styling of a fashionable and we will bring to you the latest fashion of 2019. Let us start with must have clothes for men this year.

Cuban Collar Shirt

If you are out there to make the ultimate summer statement with your clothes, then this beautiful Cuban collar shirt is your answer. It is summer time and we know that you will attend that amazing rooftop parties which means you might find the one there. To get their attention, you need something than you that first meets the eye. If we talk about latest fashion for 2019, then this beautiful Japanese print Cuban collar shirt for Reiss is a must buy option.

Denim Jacket

If there is one thing that keeps steady in every year’s men’s fashion trends, it’s the denims. Nothing can go with a denim jacket and the versatility it gives to the man wearing it is amazing. Yet the Japanese denim brand Edwin and the street wear brand Pacemaker have added few astounding graphic patches on the classic denims to make it one of the most elusive menswear for 2019.

Sprankles T-shirt

We strongly suggest you to go for All timers skatewear T-shirts that gel amazingly with fashion trends of 2019. This one brand is almost on the verge of breaking the bubble just under the mainstream brands that make t-shirts in the same genre. The cool thing about the Alltimers t-shirt is that they are not all out punk but are just suitable for a Sunday brunch with your friends.

90s Runner Trainers
It’s 2019 and while people are looking out for latest fashion trends, their knack for 90s throwback hasn’t gone down a bit. The British brand Nicce are offering amazing trainers that you can style with any pair of jeans or other bottom wears. The best thing about these is the pocket friendliness of the brand.


It’s summer and how can you miss having a cool pair of shades to save you from the scorching sun as well as give a stylish look with this incredibly important fashion accessory. Check out these sunglasses by Swedish brands Filippa K and eyewear brand Monokel. The frames are supremely stylish and are made 100% out of a plant-based product. You should definitely not miss out these sexy and sustainable eye wear this 2019.

Vintage Watch

If we are talking about fashion accessories in 2019, then we cannot afford to miss the vintage-inspired watches that are extremely popular right now. Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Watch is newest addition to its collection of vintage watches. The simple, easy to read dial is combined with a chunky metallic bracelet that is bound to give you the feel of 60s.

Linen Trousers

The John Lewis Cotton Linen Trousers are thriving in men’s fashion trends for a good amount of time now. This option is definitely the one you cannot miss out on buying in 2019. It is a welcome combination of strength and air passage of linen with softness and comfort of cotton. Pair this with Polo shirt and loafers to keep the classy look going.

Snatch Cap

Lucky Seven Snatch Cap has been worn by some of the iconic characters in Hollywood movies. This cool cap is surely going to give you a ruthless look but will also save your head from the sunlight this summer. Get ready to add this fashion accessory to your menswear and be the frontrunners of fashion trend this year.

Flexiknit Shoes

Timberland Flexiknit Shoes are the new trendsetter in sneaker department for 2019. These knitted shoes are comfortable, stylish and sustainable as the fabric is made from a special kind of recycled plastic. So it’s not just a blessing your fashion statement but is also a small step to a greater cause.

Now don’t wonder about what to add to your wardrobe this year, just follow this amazing list and you are almost set to kill it with these Trendy fashion styles for 2019.