Orlando Bloom’s Romantic Proposal to Katy Perry Revealed!


Love is in the air for the beautiful couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. The two got engaged back in Valentine’s Day and the singer has shared some new details on how it all happened.

Katy Perry was previously married to the comedian Russell Brand and their marriage lasted for 14 months. Orlando Bloom has a son from his previous marriage to supermodel Miranda Kerr. Now both of these celebrities have decided to move on in their life. It dates back to January 2016 when Bloom and Perry were spotted together for the first time. Since then their storyline has been closely monitored by reporters who would not miss any chance of spotting them together and guessing the developments in their love life. The couple was seen at various events, premieres, dinners and even holidays before they stopped being seen like that. People speculated that the good time might have been done and both have decided to go separate ways.

Bloom and Perry were seen in Oscar Gala Night once again but this time the chemistry between the two was missing. They weren’t as cozy and romantic with each other as they were before. But all these speculations were dusted when they were confirmed to be together. The two got engaged recently on 14th February and the singer can’t hide her excitement as she reveals the details of the proposal by the actor.

So Orlando Bloom finally decides to ask the big question and thus plans the marriage proposal on the V-day. The details that Katy is going to reveal are amazingly romantic and surprisingly realistic.

The 34 years old singer sat down with an English radio host, Roman Kemp to tell what all happened that day. She reveals that she was working that day and she remembers meeting him at dinner at some Italian restaurant as she is a big fan of pasta. She says that she sensed something different about it as Orlando wasn’t looking like he did on other days. He was clean shaven and wasn’t wearing his regular tennis shoes as well. For a moment Katy wasn’t sure of the person sitting in front of her.

As Katy smiled her way through the details while revealing things further to Kemp, she tells that after the dinner, she got on a helicopter and it was there where Orlando asked her to marry him. Needless to say that she said ‘YES’, they landed on a building and found that Katy’s family and friends were present there already. Katy describes that as the most beautiful thing one could do for her as there were endless flowers in the room. The kind of thing that probably Kanye would do for Kim and Katy would go “Oh my god” but instead it was her turn to go “Oh my god” for herself. She told Kemp that how wonderful the whole gesture was and how she loves Bloom so much.

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The time when fans first learned about Katy and Orlando’s engagement was back in Feb when the singer posted a picture of her ring on Instagram. It was a close-up shot of the ring with her and Bloom’s face captioned as “Full Bloom”. The ring was a beautiful diamond and ruby ring designed like a flower. Red heart balloon could be seen easily in the background as well.

The actor, 42 also posted the same photograph from his Instagram account captioning “Lifetimes”.  The event caused immense speculation about the engagement of this beautiful couple. It didn’t remain suspense for long as Katy’s mom, Mary Hudson posted a picture on Facebook where the couple was captured dancing together. She wrote “Look who got engaged on Valentine’s Day!” while posting another picture of the ring from her account. Sadly she deleted that post later but the big news was heard from Katy’s mouth later that month when she was interviewed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” She revealed that the actor’s proposal got off to a bumpy start but eventually turned out to be perfect. Katy told Kemp that how all relationship add up to the one that you are supposed to be with and you couldn’t be with the one had you not gone through all of the others.