There are tons of beauty “experts” out there that recommend quick fixes with herbal teas and expensive cosmetics, but the truth is that you should take a look at what these experts are actually doing for their own health. Check out some of the top tips from actual skin specialists for long-term skin care that actually works.

1. Drinking-Water

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Kasey Boone, owner of Glow Skincare and podcast co-host for Beauty Biz BFFs, swears by drinking water. It’s not about which fancy skin cream you get or how often you go in for a facial — although those definitely help. Staying hydrated is the key to ensuring healthy, gorgeous skin that looks great at any age.

You might also look for products that enhance hydration like those with hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, urea, and aloe vera.

2. Managing Stress

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The modern woman is incredibly busy — and not having time for your skin adds to the stress of daily life. Step one should be making space in your day to take care of yourself. Whether it’s 10 minutes of yoga, meditation, or a face mask, you need time for yourself every day.

Once you’ve carved out time for yourself, take a good look at your skincare routine and consider a few quick and easy steps to maximize the benefits and make sure you’re actually taking care of yourself.

3. Small Changes to Go Green

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Many skincare experts, like lifestyle blogger Lauren Gores Ireland, advocate for taking a greener path with your skincare. She believes that going 100% green and clean can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it all at once. This pro recommends switching out the products you use most often for something higher quality with more natural ingredients.

She started with her lip balm, but you can start with anything! Is your facial cleanser the most important step in your routine or is it your eye serum? Whatever your biggest skin concern, make the transition for that product first!

4. Getting Enough Sleep

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Sleep is important for more than just your mental health! It can help ensure your skin looks better too. You know all about dark circles and baggy eyes from lack of sleep — that can actually happen to the rest of your face too. You’ll notice uneven skin tone, sagging in your cheeks, and extra dryness when you don’t get enough sleep.

A study out of the Department of Dermatology, University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Ohio found that people who got enough sleep had lower intrinsic skin aging scores and better skin barrier recovery than those who didn’t. They categorically concluded that sleep was definitely correlated with skin health.

5. Cleansers Are Key

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Julie Longyear, a self-described herbal chemist, believes that cleansers are the key to healthy skin. If you don’t have a proper cleanser, it doesn’t matter what else you do — it won’t be as effective. Your cleanser can also actually have negative effects on your skin. This doesn’t necessarily mean a particular brand or formulation is bad, just that it’s causing a disruption to your skin and that you should switch to something that works better for you.

Don’t be fooled by all that extra lather! A good cleanser doesn’t need soap bubbles to be effective, and the lather is usually where you find all those disruptive chemicals that don’t agree with your skin. You can consult a dermatologist to find the most effective formula for you and look for cleansers that use botanical oils, vitamins, and minerals from natural sources.

6. Anti-Aging Care

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It’s never too early to start using anti-aging skincare products. Young people think that they don’t need to use medical-grade anti-aging creams and serums until they start to see the signs of aging, but most of these products are aimed at prevention.

You don’t want to try and fix a problem after it’s already here! You want to prevent it from ever becoming one. There are a number of critical elements to preventative skin care, including:

  • Always applying sunscreen before going outside
  • Creating a simple, three-step skincare routine with cleanser, toner, and moisturizer
  • Using products that target collagen production and cell regeneration

These three tips will keep your skin look younger for longer. Some products can even reverse the signs of aging you might already be seeing, but developing healthy habits is much more important than just one single product.

7. Next Steps for You

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Now that you’ve gotten the inside scoop from some skincare experts that put their products where their mouth is, you can take some of these steps to ensure healthier, happier skin. Don’t forget that skincare is about treating your body well inside and out, so consider your inner hydration and eating habits as well as which products work best for you.

Do you have some skin care advice that’s done you right? Share it in the comments!


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