Solo Travellers: Add these Amazing Places to your Travel List for 2019


Want to experience the therapy of Solo Travelling in 2019!! Solo travelling has become more popular and is on rising with time. People have started taking out time for themselves and are catering fuel to their wanderlust by travelling solo to destinations that they have marked on their Travel Wishlist. 

Are you someone who loves to travel the world alone, and enjoy your own company!! If yes then, whether you are travelling solo for the first time or are someone who is pro at travelling alone, we have put together an exciting list of these mind-blowing destinations that you must solo travel to in 2019. These places are specifically recommended for solo travellers, Scroll down and have a look at these 7 destinations.

1. Vietnam

Vietnam has so much to offer to its solo travellers, be it cheap food, affordable stay, pocket-friendly activities and beautiful attractions. To get the true vibe of this country just hop on a boat that will cruise through the famous Bai Tu Long Bay. Experience show-stopping moments at Vietnam and relish the culture, food and history of this beautiful place.

2. Chile

Chile’s landscape is something that is so diverse and mesmerizing, it has the best view to offer. Most solo travellers visit Chile to experience places that are remote and peaceful. So, if you are looking for peace and are a nature lover then do visit places like Torres del National Park, San Rafael Glacier- Patagonia. Also, if you are an adventure junkie then you can camp underneath the sky full of stars in the Atacama Desert.

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is said to be the happiest country in the world, and it’s easy to say why. The country attracts thousands of travellers every year especially solo travellers and backpackers. This phenomenal tourist destination is a mix of gorgeous beaches, green lush wildlife, eco-friendly adventure activities and mouth-watering local food. From Hiking in Arenal Volcano National Park, Zipline in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve to river rafting in the Reventazón River.

4. Netherlands

If you are solo travelling for the first time then Netherland is the country that you must explore as it is a great place to relish your soul. Netherland is a colourful mix of flat landscapes, tulip fields and windmills. Visit popular attractions like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Zaans museum and colourful windmills. The stats show that the total number of international tourists in 2017 who visited Netherland was 17.9 million.

5. Spain

Spain has everything to please all kind of travellers, be it solo travellers, backpackers or people travelling with family & friends. The place is all about museums, beautiful architecture, stunning beaches, exciting hikes, rocking nightlife and tongue smacking food. Barcelona is amongst the most popular attraction, where you explore the Parc Guella, which is a public garden featuring modern architecture and sculptures. Also, the 2017 stats show that the total number of international tourists who visited Spain then was about 81.8 million.

6. Ireland

Being the third largest Island in Europe Ireland a must visit destination for all the travel lovers. Take a Literary walking tour to Dublin, the city of Literature. Explore Grafton street’s and the see the print of the world famous stout at  Guinness Storehouse. Also, you if you are a nature lover then do visit Muckross house and Killarney. Explore the beautiful Eye Square  St. Nicholss Church in Galway.  The 2017 stats show that total number of international tourists who visited Ireland then were 10.3 million.

7. Iceland


Icelanders were recently declared the Friendliest People in the world. Well, if you are solo travelling to Iceland then you will for sure make a lot of good friends there. The beauty that this country has is superior and out of this world. Explore the super happening scenes in Reykjavik and Experience the remarkable intensity of this place and watch the sky change its colors. There is no place like Iceland, so add it to your 2019 Travel Wishlist right away.

So, whatever your reasons are for travelling solo, pack your bags, book your tickets and experience a vacation of a lifetime by travelling to these amazing places.

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