Starbucks is selling a reusable cup having a pencil straw

There is definitely no scarcity of Starbucks reusable cups out there and they are all exhilarating, but this recent find is maybe one of the coolest. Enthusiasts have been spotting a reusable cup designed to shout-out the individuals who possibly deserve caffeine fix the most i.e., teachers! Thanks to, we lately observed that Starbucks has released a paper- and pencil-style tumbler much to the happiness of teachers and lecturers everywhere. The real cup is designed to bear a resemblance to a sheet of notebook paper, it is somewhat transparent, but you can evidently see the iconic lines that any teacher would know everywhere. In maybe the cutest detail, though, the straw is designed to look as if it is a wooden #2 pencil, eraser and all.

These cups are found at Starbucks sites inside of Target stores and also those inside grocery stores, hospitals and more. In fact, they are often found together with a few other teacher-specific things like mugs rocking some gorgeous apples and ceramic bag desk ornaments, just in case you need a reason to stop on by as you make your subsequent grocery run.

Evidently, this is the time of year when you may wish to send your preferred teacher some appreciation, particularly as they bundle up a chiefly challenging school year. This seems like the picture-perfect gift if you feel motivated to do so! The pencil-and-paper tumbler could also make a cool gift for a student starting college in the fall. Who doesn’t love learning and coffee or simply a recently sharpened No. 2 pencil? Difficult question, we all do! If you are curious, this will cost you $16.25.