designer face mask
Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash

It started with individuals wearing masks as protective gear against air pollution that saw an upsurge in recent times in severalportions of the nation. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, masks have become a necessity, so much so that medical outlets and other suppliers are having a tough time meeting its mushrooming demand. Amid the scarcity of supply of N95 masks came in supporters who took the initiative to stitch and dole out masks to those in need. Renowned fashion designers, from Masaba Gupta to Ritu Kumar, amidseveral others, shifted their prevailing resources to non-surgical, three-layered reusable mask manufacturing. These masks looked different — made of colored or printed fabric; they were nothing near enoughto the dull black, grey or white masks that we were purchasing earlier. The branded products came to be available in gorgeous designs, bundled at varying price range, as individualsstarted to opt for vibrant and colorful designer masks.

Designer stylish face masks in trend

Scroll through social media and you will see how face masks are evolving beyond being a necessity article into a style statement item. So now, you will find brides and grooms wearing customized designer masks or those color-coordinating masks with their outfits, making it a fashion testimonial. “It goes without saying that masks are going to be around for lengthy time, so why not make them an article of desire? Brides can go for couture masks to match her attire and draw attention to the whole look. Weddings in the present times have new norms. Pairs are wearing masks for the events and having matched masks, may be printed or with some embroidery matching the attires. Masks are not a fashion add-on, but they do take up a fair quantity of estate on your face, so it is not astounding that individuals are eyeing for aesthetically attractive ones. With that in mind, below is a collection of the most fashionable masks to purchase now. Some sellers are even doing a buy-one-donate-one proposal.

  1. Lisa Says Gah knit mask and scrunchie set
  2. Prabal Gurung floral jacquard face mask
  3. Phlemuns lemons mask
  4. Kule stripe face coverings, 2 pack
  5. Susan Alexandra one-of-a-kind mask
  6. Homesite toile face mask, set of 3
  7. Outdoor Voices OV face mask deep sea, 5 pack
  8. Tanya Taylor protective face masks
  9. The Buckeye and the Frog cotton face mask
  10. Love Changes 5-pack adult face masks