The Complete Travel Guide to Hong Kong

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Hong Kong spent decades under British as their colony and they have certainly enjoy the recent ye rich history as financial powerhouse of Asia. The city has become a tourist favourite with its shopping options, party culture, a haven for foodies and a vision that takes country to a new high-tech level.

Contrary to popular conception, the city is more than just the famous skylines. Hong Kong has some amazing hiking trails, beautiful beaches and temples that show the quieter side of the city to the visitors. If you are planning a trip for this place, we have laid down certain guidelines and travelling tip that might just benefit you and make your travel even more awesome.

Best time to visit: The best time to travel Hong Kong is between October and December. Between these three months, the humidity is lowest, rainfall is usually not experienced and weather is just the perfect amount of cool.

Language: The languages popularly spoken are Cantonese Chinese and English.

Currency: The currency that works here is Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

Getting Around: The quickest way to get around which also happens to be the most cost effective is the MTR subway system. This tram system goes through the busiest areas of Hong Kong. The taxis there are efficient but at the same time are costlier.

Things to know before you go: One thing is sure that you have to cover a lot of distances on foot so it is highly advisable that you wear your most comfortable shoes. As much as 90% of the locals walk or use effective public transport on a day to day basis.

Things to Do in Hong Kong

  • If you are a first timer in Hong Kong then you would definitely want to see the famous Hong Kong skyline and harbor from the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • The dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong serve up savory dishes that are arguably the cheapest Michelin star dining experience in the entire globe.
  • You can go up the hills of Lantau Island by riding a cable to gaze the 34-foot high Tian Tan Buddha statue.
  • You will not be able to resist yourself from shopping once you enter the electric atmosphere of the market in Hong Kong and the low prices in there.
  • If you are more into nature, then you need to hike through the trails in the New Territories and outlying island. Finish it off by splashing in the local beaches.

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 Where to Eat and Drink?

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For every 600 residents in Hong Kong, there is either one cafe or a restaurant. The numbers itself suggest that how Hong Kong has become the perfect combination of fine dine options and budget food scenes. It is the home to best Cantonese cuisines that will delight no matter where in Hong Kong you are having it

There are different bar scenes in Hong Kong and it would depend entirely on you where you would like to go for drinks.

Where to Stay?

The accommodation options are far stretched and are not just limited to the concrete jungle in the city. Although the majority of tourists choose to stay in Hong Kong Island or Kowloon but there are plenty of options in the open spaces of the New Territories.

The five-star hotels are present in and around Central’s financial district. For budget options, check out the hostels and affordable hotel options around Kowloon and more specifically in Tsim Sha Tsui.

How do you get there?

The Hong Kong International Airport is quite busy as over 40 million passengers fly in a year through it. The city’s main overland connection is stretching from Guangzhou in the People’s Republic of China to Kowloon’s Hung Hom station. The total number of trains that commute daily between the two points is 12. The journey is of about three and a half hours.

The city is one of the easiest to visit as it as has a relaxed visa policy. The citizens of almost 170 countries can enter Hong Kong visa-free and can stay up to 180 days. So enjoy your trip to Hong Kong and make the most of the tips here.

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