Top 8 Hostels in London to Stay During Your Travel-2019


London is a city that will make you fall in love with itself quickly after you roam around just once. And since the city is so big and elite that it can be expensive in many ways but there are many things that you can do and enjoy for free. Another thing on the upside is the popularity has allowed many hostels to open and thrive and today there are hundreds of them.

You can choose the option to stay at a hostel especially if you are travelling alone and want to save some money in the stay option. With high popularity, London has hundreds of hostels and we have listed our top 8 hostels in London to stay during your travel. Choose the one as per your needs, location preference and budget.

1. Astor Museum Hostel

If you want to stay near the famous Piccadilly Circus and somewhere in the close vicinity of the British Museum, then the award-winning Aston Museum Hostel is perfect for you. The hostel has got a cozy lounge area and kitchen option with basic rooms that are valued for money.
Hostel room price range: $23-$75

2. The Walrus Hostel

If you want to stay near a pub then this hostel has a busy pub just downstairs. The hostel guests get regular discounts as well. If you are okay with cooking your own meal, then there a kitchen space available as well otherwise you get a simple breakfast for free. The rooms have wallpapers and furnishing comprised of antique-style.
Hostel room price range: $19-$76

3. Astor Hyde Park

If you are looking for a peaceful neighborhood, then Aston Hype park hostel is the one for you. It is also within walking distance of some of the best museums in London. The hostel staffs are quite friendly and will very well help you with your tour plans and activities. The place is known for its great party vibes as well.
Hostel room price range: $20-$89

4. Wombats City Hostel London

This particular hostel used to be sailor’s hostel and is in a beautiful building. The wooden decor shall give you that feel and the squeakiness, unfortunately, adds in. The hostel organizes plenty of activities that you can enjoy at night and gives you a chance to know fellow travellers as well. A kitchen could have been added though!
Hostel room price range: $25-$140

5. St. Christopher’s Village

The St. Christopher hostel’s most amazing location out of its 8 is this village one. If you are a foodie then this place is a heaven for you as it is very near to Borough Market that is known for amazing food options. It is in a walking distance of London Eye and Tower Bridge as well. The biggest attraction is the pod-style beds that are the first of its kind in any London hostel.
Hostel room price range: $25-$97

6. Clink78

Here’s a historical one for you. Clink78 is located in an old courthouse where a British rock band named The Clash stood trial once. You will find a big kitchen area that can used as a bar as well to eat, work or socialize. They organize a lot of events as well and you will really love the clean bathrooms in Clink78.
Hostel room price range: $22-$78

7. The Dictionary

East London is considered better food and nightlife in the city. Shoreditch, in particular, is more of an artsy and hip neighborhood of the same and The Dictionary is located at this place only. The hostel offers free breakfast and has an amazing rooftop terrace with a bar as well. The rooms are mostly empty but have comfortable and clean beds.
Hostel room price range: $19-$93

8. Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage

Last but not least is Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage that has been refurbished to a hostel from a beautiful old house. The lobby is designed with traditional English decor and there is even a decorative knight in shining armor. The hostel has comfortable beds, a small kitchen to cook your own meal and a bar downstairs.
Hostel room price range: $22-$81

Search no more as this list of Top 8 Hostels in London will be of great use to you if you are looking for reasonable accommodating there.