Top Stunning Celebrities Braided Trendy Hairstyles 2020


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Copy these All-Time Stunning Celebrity French Braid Hairstyles

With every season there are new fashion trends in clothes, makeup, accessories and hairstyles. Braids can never get out of fashion as it is such a versatile hairstyle. No matter what your personal style is, braids can always be an option with every kind of look. Also, different cultures have different styles of braids and each of them has a unique emotion and significance attached to it. The braid look took over this summer season, be it the red carpet or the Paris fashion Week Fall 2020.

Since every year style and trends keeps changing, we thought of showcasing the best celebrity French braid hairstyles of this season. From unicorn braids to braided buns, these celebrities have rocked them all. Here are different ways these 8 celebs wore the French braids to look cute and avoid the fussy summer.

Alicia Key

The famous singer, songwriter, musician Alica Key is not just known for her talents but also for slaying some of the coolest braided hairstyles since the very start of her career. This unicorn braids look of hers is totally out of the box. The vibrant blue and pink in her braids are giving us full feels of spring, as spring is all about bright colors.

Maria Menounos

The famous TV personality rocked the braid look by adding a new twist to it. Her hairstyle was unique as she added four French braids tightly back to her bun. Then adding ribbon to add a little more swag and a finishing touch to the look.

Laura harrier

The upcoming star carried her braid look perfectly. The micro box braids added a bold and flawless look to Laura. Many small messy rope braid were all tied together to make a half pony to attain the look. This braid look is altogether fun and also gives a youthful vibe.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is someone who keeps switching to new looks and gives us amazing hairstyle goals. She has gone all wild with her hair this time by dyeing her hair all white. Her hairstyle contains different sizes of braids that are all wrapped together into a high bun. This high bun helps to keep the hair off your face in this summer and also gives a chic look.

Jessica Williams

The Braid crown is something that looks elegant and cool both at the same time. Jessica Williams carried this Braid crown look like a queen and rocked this look completely. With this look, you do not need to add any extra accessories to your hair as this hairstyle itself acts as a jewel.

Ariana Grande

Famous for her tight high tail ponytail Ariana this summer is adding a new twist to her traditional classy look. The small micro braids add a cute new touch to her signature hairstyle. This gives a neat overall look.

Lilly Singh

The amazing YouTube sensation Lilly Sing is setting great hairstyle goals for this summer. She is rocking it with this head-turning block braid hairstyle. The braids on her long, thick hair give a nice clean look.

Zoe Kravitz

At the premiere of little lies In Los Angeles, last year actress Zoe Kravitz slew with her sassy platinum blonde micro blades that were pulled back to give a clean and classy look. She carried the hairstyle so well and looked phenomenal. This hairstyle will go great on both straight and curly hair types.

You might have got a little inspired after having a look at these fancy braided looks. So, copy these chic celebs French braid styles and rock braids on all kinds of occasions.