Travel Without Visa To These Amazing International Destinations


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Amazing International Destinations where Indians Can Travel Without Visa / VISA Free Countries

While planning an international trip what is the most important thing that everyone thinks off? Yes, you are right it is for sure the visa application process that stresses us the most. Also, nobody would like to increase their travel expenses, as Pricey Visa adds up a lot to the travel budget.

So, if you are a travel bug, backpacker, Digital nomad and you are looking for destinations where you can easily travel without visa and save on your vacation package then we have a list of cheap travel destinations for you. Pick one of these perfect, pocket-friendly, Visa free, cheap travel destination for your next epic trip. Does Travelling inspires and excites you but you hate the tiring and nerve wreaking process of Visa Application?? If yes, then need not to worry as these destinations have options to travel visa-free or have option of visa on arrival.

Here is a list of Countries Indians can travel without Visa. And yes, these international destinations are not just cheap but also beautiful.


Country Without VISA For Indians – Bhutan

Bhutan is known as the happiest country for some good reasons. To know those reasons you have to visit the place and find out the reason behind this fame. The Happy Country is not just a relief to the eyes but is also is very welcoming to the Indians as it offers Visa on arrival, that too free of cost. Isn’t that amazing? Also, if you’re planning your next vacation to Bhutan, carry any of the two valid travel documents: Valid Indian Passport (with at least 6 months validity) and/or Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India. You can get plenty of last minute travel deals to this beautiful place as it is happy to accommodate a number of tourists at a single time. Minimum Budget- INR 30,000

Sri Lanka

Country Without VISA For Indians – Sri Lanka

From Historic Monuments, National Parks, Cave temples to exotic islands & beaches, mountains and aromatic tea Sri Lanka has all this and more to offer its tourists. Travelling to Sri Lanka is easy and hassle free for all the Indians as you are greeted with a Visa on arrival. The country offers a special ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which allows staying there for 30 days. The Approximate flight charges for this trip will cost around 15,000 per person. You may also explore some early travel packages to Sri Lanka and save on your trip. Minimum Budget- INR 75,000


Macau is said to be the “Las Vegas of Asia” mainly because of two reasons: Firstly because it is the hub for gambling and Secondly, because of its electrifying night life. So, if you are a party person and you like exploring night life & casinos then this should be on your Vacation list. The region is known for its rich heritage having major attraction like Macau tower which is said to have the highest bungee jumping in the world.You can swiftly book Cheap flight tickets to Macau, also the Indian citizens can easily get a Visa on Arrival at the Hong Kong Airport and the good news is that no Visa is required for atleast 30 day stay. Minimum Budget- INR 1, 00,000

Fiji Islands

Country Without VISA For Indians – Fiji Island

If you are someone who love the beaches and the clear water, then you must visit Fiji Islands. And for sure you won’t be disappointed. With around 330 islands, Fiji is paradise full of beauty that will make your vacation an amazing one. While visiting the island explore the gorgeous landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with crystal clear lagoons that it boosts of. The place is full of lush greenery and abundant underwater marine life that you will fall in love with. By the law of Fiji, Visa on arrival is offered to Indian Citizens where they can enjoy a stay of 4 months and further apply for extension for 6 months. Minimum Budget- INR 80,000


Country Without VISA For Indians – Nepal

The beautiful place is the land of mighty mountains and is famous for the breath taking location and view of Mount Everest and the Wide Himalayan Range. Not only that, if you are planning on settling down in Nepal then you can easily do that, as Indians are welcomed to work, travel and live freely in Nepal, like the Nepalese Citizens.

Nepal offers visa on arrival for 15, 30 & 90 days that may cost around $25- $40 and $100 respectively. You can explore Nepal by setting light budget, as you can get cheap flight tickets for around INR 4,500 per person. Minimum Budget- INR 25,000

So, Wait no more and plan your next Vacation to theses breathtaking, Visa free, Cheap travel Destinations and make the most of your trip.