Trendy Eye Makeup this spring 2020 [Updated]


Play around with Colourful, Trendy Eye Makeup this spring 2020
When we think of spring makeup the first few things that pop up are the dewy glowing and vibrant skin, bronzed checks, floral prints, shades of pastels, electric pinks on lips and how can we forget bold & bright eye makeup. Embrace these amazing, cool and versatile eye makeups for spring 2019 and get the runway look instantly. From golden sparkly smoky eyes to pretty colorful eye makeup, this spring is full of exciting eye makeup shades for you. Scroll through these trendy eye makeup trends and don’t hesitate to try these bright and sparkly eye shades this spring 2019.

Colourful Cat eyes

Who says spring and bring colours is not a groundbreaking combination!! Well, this spring Cat eyes with Colourful eye shadow is spinning the eye makeup look by adding a new, fresh and sassy touch to the eyes. You can add neon colours pallet to your makeup kit this season and use it to get the best colourful Cat eyes look. You can also swap your black eyeliner for a colourful liquid or pencil eyeliner and get the perfect opaque bright eye liner look. Cat eyes have also been a highlight for this spring season, be it the top runway shows or famous models like Bella Hadid who stamped the run way wearing the classic Cat eye flick with a touch of pink eyeshadow.

Purple Smoky Eye

This spring it is time to add new and vibrant colours to your eye shadow pallet, as now it is not just about Black, Bronze, gold and rose eyeshadows. The purple Smoky eye look is perfect for both day and evening time. It not just gives a fresh vibrant smoky effect to your eyes but also pops them up. To add more definition to your eyes you can use some shimmery light purple shadow on the centre of the lid by using the tip of your figures. This helps to give a maximum colour payoff. Also, if you want to go all dramatic then take royal matte purple colour as base and just go wild with the purple glitter above it. Coz, you deserve to shine like a diamond.

Unconventional Abstract Eyeliner

2019 Makeup rules are about going out of the box and playing with colours and creativity. If you are bored with the basic eyeliner trend then try the graphic eyeliner tend this spring. The foremost rule about Abstract eye liners is that there are no particular rules to follow in this makeup trend. White eyeliners are something that has gained the attention for this season. Nevertheless, to add fun to your look you can also go for colourful abstract liners by doing a full on colourful line. Also, in MET Gala 2019 many celebs used the Abstract liner trick to add a twist to their look. So, if you are in a mood to experiment with your eyeliner this spring then Abstract eyeliner is something that you must go for.

Bright, Bold & Colourful Eye Shadow

Since it’s officially summer, it is time to break out every colourful eyeshadow that you own. If you are aiming to achieve the high-impact look for this season then bold colourful Eye shadow is the look that will help you get the perfect bright look. Neon eyeshadows like green, lime, pink etc are something that are yet again back in trend this summer. The fun fact about neon shades in makeup is that they add a pinch of fun to your entire look and gives a summery feel. Even though this eye makeup look is simple, it gives a fierce and bold touch to your eyes. To nail the look, make sure to neutralise your dark circles so that the colourful eyeshadow really pops up. Anyways, there is no way the neon eyeshadow can go unnoticed.

Colourful Mascara

This eye makeup trend is easy and can be achieved easily. Upgrade your look without adding extra time to your makeup routine by using colourful mascara instead of usual black mascara. Add colourful mascara like green, pink and turquoise blue to your eyelashes to enhance your eye colour. To get the perfect look choose the colour that compliments your eye colour.

So, if you are intimated to try these trendy spring eye makeup looks and latest eye shadow pallets then do not hold back and just go for it. Also, you are interested in picking up new eye makeup tricks for spring 2020 then do follow the above eye makeup trends.