Ultimate Mantra To Travel Cheap


Want to know the ultimate Mantra to travel cheap?
Cheap travel destinations might probably the most asked question by people who want to travel but have money crunch. But it is highly possible to travel to your favourite destinations or at least many destinations without spending much. There are some things that you cannot and should not compromise, like your travel insurance but all the other things can be dealt with quite smartly.

So basically, travelling cheap is all about benefiting from hundreds of apps and websites that give you huge discounts. These assistance help you save you money, suggest you ways so that you can lower your expenses and if you are lucky enough, you might even make some money while travelling. The key here is to find the value of things that you want and be able to lower the expenses without compromising on the essence of the same.

Travel is often confused with exotic services and expensive resorts while in reality, authentic travel doesn’t really care about fancy facilities. It doesn’t have to be expensive and with the correct planning you can land yourself up with cheap flight tickets and reasonable vacation packages too. The thing is that even if you don’t earn a lot, chances are that you can fulfil your travel dream if you don’t run for unnecessary luxury.

Here is a list of thing you can try to travel cheap and we promise that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

An overseas job
With some highly required skills and work type, you can find an ideal job where you will not only earn money but will also get to travel that new destination. A list some of the professions is made below that you can get when you would travel.

Here are some jobs you can get when you travel:
Waitress/waiter – If you have some experience in taking order and giving the correct service, then here is job for you that many seasonal restaurants provide in many countries.
(a). Dive instructor- With a valid certification, you can be a dive instructor in some of the best scenic locations.
(b). Tour guide – Perfect the historical knowledge about the place and learn some languages to be a tour guide.
(c). Casino worker – With some training, you can be a casino worker if night life doesn’t really bother you.
(d). Butler – An Au pair or a butler can help a host family with their children and helping in some basic household chores. Not bad in return of a free room and a small salary.
(e). Bartender – Right skills can land you with the right job and while you work at night, the days are for you to explore.
(f) English Teacher

Another great way to make money for your travel is by teaching English in that country only. As we now that English is the business language for the entire world who deal with each other, so it only make sense that more people learn this secondary language. It thus becomes a fruitful opportunity to travel to the country you like, work and earn there and travel even more.

Sharing Economy Services

Sharing economy can be used to find cheaper accommodations, easy and cheap rides and the options to have home-cooked meal at budget prices. Some of the most accessible sites that help a great deal in reducing the travel cost are stated below.
Start cooking

You will be surprised to know that how much you can actually save if you get an opportunity to cook your own meals. Travelling doesn’t really mean that you have to eat outside every time. You might not save much in your vacation packages or maybe you weren’t able to get last minute travel deals or even cheap flight tickets, but you can save an awful lot if you can manage your food by your own.

Large dorms night stay

It is safe to say that large hostel dorm rooms are as cheap as they can get. With the cheapest paid accommodation, a decent 6-7 bed dorm can be you option but if you opt for a bigger dorm, it will save you some more money for sure. You just need to crash in for the night and when the sun goes up the next morning, just go out and explore your travel dream.