What Are The Best Websites And Ways To Find Cheap Hotels?

The article on The Best Websites And Ways To Find Cheap Hotels? was last updated in August 2019 and contains information majorly related to the most affordable accommodations in Asian Countries, Best Cheap Hotels in Singapore and Last minute travel deals.

People may love cheap accommodations and hostel option since they feel it isn’t of much worth to spend too much on a place where you just need to stay for a few hours a day. But one cannot deny the fact that the luxury of a hotel room cannot be matched with any of the former staying options. There is so much to appreciate from comfortable bed to super clean rooms to amazing shower and bathtubs. You can have a relaxing stay in your room and get a respite from your day’s travel.

But let’s not forget that to get such privileges; you have to pay an amount that is certainly not cheap. So we will talk about some of the websites that offer you cheaper options to stay at hotels when you go out for a vacation.

A booking site is as good as the inventory it holds. Want to know what are the best websites and ways to find cheap hotels? We researched the services of some of the popular websites for booking hotels and we present to you some of the finest from the lot. These websites were used to search hotels in cities like New York, London, Bangkok, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Berlin. The websites were Hotel.com, Expedia, Booking.com, Agoda, and Priceline. The search for the hotel rooms was made for both weekday and weekend booking along with buffer duration of a week and a month to check the varying prices.

1. Booking.com – The Travel fare aggregator

Booking.com turns out to be the winner here. The results for the search returned with the most number of cheap hotels to stay in. And though it didn’t return with the largest number of total options, the major ask here was perfectly taken care of. We got the best deals here and got all kinds of variety and options with booking.com.

2. Agoda- Global Online Travel Agency

Agoda came a close second in the cheap hotel options category but it is still the major player in Asian countries. A couple of other websites like Travelocity and Orbitz are part of Expedia only and thus the inventory is the same. The good thing is that they return a large number of results from the database but prices aren’t really on the lower side. Agoda is most popular to find you the most affordable accommodations in Asian Countries.

For the options of blind booking and bidding choices, Priceline and Hotwire can be your go-to website where you can get as high as a 40% discount. The only bad thing about this is that we get to know the name of the hotel only after we make the booking and pay for it.

3. Tricks to find cheap hotels

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You might not have found a cheap vacation package or last minute travel deals or even a cheap flight ticket to your holiday destination but there are still plenty of ways to find and book cheap hotels. For eg.- If you are searching for affordable hotels in Singapore, search for- Best Cheap Hotels in Singapore.

  • Make direct contact with the hotel: Big hotels like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, or Oberoi’s prefer the ones who contact them directly via their websites. It is the place where they often have the best deals. One of the major benefits is that you get loyalty points that help you getting future discounts as you travel more. If you find a cheaper price for their rooms online, they will readily match them most of the times.
  • Make bargaining you forte: One of the better ways to get a discount for a hotel room is by asking for it. Call up the hotels and if you ask them for a better price, they might give you one during their non-peak season and a mid-week booking.
  • Earn loyalty benefits: You can earn tonnes of loyalty points by using hotel sponsored debit cards, credit cards or shopping cards. The accumulated points can be used to get discounts for bookings.
  • Get someone else’s reservation with Roomer: Sometimes when the guests can’t turn out having done the booking and nor can they cancel; the rooms are available in Roomer at discounted prices. Do check out one and you may strike gold.
  • Have gift cards for discounts? : Nothing is as good as having a gift card that can reduce your booking cost considerably. Many sites host gift vouchers to avail discounts and you can check the same for some delightful experience. Find affordable accommodation without causing a hole in your pocket. These websites and tricks to find cheap hotels will help you save a lot of money.
  • Search for coupons and cashback websites: Hotels generally does not provide coupons and offers to their users. But if you search for cheap hotels discount code or hotels coupon code, you will find coupon codes for third-party booking sites like Agoda or Hotels.com that will help you to get a cheaper room.
    Secondly, you can go for cashback websites as well. If you search for hotels cashback or Agoda cashback, you will find websites offering a specific amount of cashback that you can use for future bookings or you can transfer the cash-backed amount directly to your bank account. For instance, Shopback Malaysia gives you up to 8% cashback on your bookings from Agoda.
  • Always look for inclusive deals: Finding the best deal on hotels is incredibly frustrating. But while searching for a hotel if you select a hotel with the best inclusive deals will save a lot of money. Some best deals include “Free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and parking that should always be considered when comparing hotel rates. If you are going with your family of four, you can easily save nearly $40 a day.