What type of Sunglasses are the best fits for your Face Shape?


The secret of looking best in sunglasses this summer is that you pick the ones that suit your face shape. Choosing perfect eyewear with a suitable glass frame can always be a tough task. The two most important questions that you must ask yourself before purchasing eyewear are: Firstly, how often will I use them and with what all outfit will it go with. Secondly, does it compliment the shape of my face and is the shade suiting my face type. Ones you have the answer to these two important questions then you are all set and all you have to do then is go to an eyewear store.

If you are looking for sunglasses that will absolutely stun you then you are at the right place as we have multiple sunglasses options for different facial features & shape. Scroll down to know what type of Sunglasses are the best fit for your face shape.

  • Oval Face

Due to the slightly wider cheekbones and soft narrowing at the jaw and forehead, the oval face people are considered to have the perfect face shape. The sharp facial features of oval face people make all types of sunglasses suit them, as the top and bottom of the face are in proportion.

1. Ray-Ban square frame sunglasses – $170

2. IIlesteva Lenoard sunglasses – $177

3. H&M powder pink sunglasses – $10

4. Thierry Lasry acetate sunglasses – $445

5. Quay mod star sunglasses – $90

Frame Styles to avoid- Small, Narrow, ones that are narrow around the eyes

  • Round Face

Round faces have softer angles and have cheekbones, jaw & forehead that are wider. This is the reason why edgy shades compliment a round face. Also, Rectangular frames are the best fit for such kind of face cuts as they give an illusion of a longer face.

1. Maui Jim polarized sunglasses – $319

2. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses – $155

3. Feroce clear sunglasses – $110

4. H&M orange sunglasses – $10

5. Topshop oval sunglasses – $26

Frame Styles to avoid- oversized frames, Curved lenses, Small frames

  • Heart Face

Heart Shaped faces have a wide forehead, so you can go for sunglasses that focuses on DE-emphasizing the width of the forehead and emphasizing the width in the middle. Go for sunglasses that are wide shaped and Rimless or light coloured lenses

1. Celine smart fit sunglasses – $510

2. Grey Ant acetate sunglasses – $259

3. Rag & Bone cat-eye sunglasses – $225

4. Pawaka marble sunglasses – $395

5. Pared petite amour sunglasses – $220

Frame Styles to avoid- Top-heavy, Longer sunglasses, embellished

  • Square Face

Square faces are angular, i.e. they have sharp angles in comparison to other face shapes. Therefore one with square face must go for frames that soften the brows and jawline.

1. Victoria Beckham aviator sunglasses – $950

2. Chloe shield sunglasses – $475

3. Givenchy round sunglasses – $270

4. H&M large sunglasses – $10

5. Karen Walker alternative fit sunglasses – $200

Frame Styles to avoid– Square, angled sunglasses

Tips for picking Right Sunglasses

  • People having dark hair colour should go for darker shades in sunglasses, as it will look best on them. Whereas, people with light hair colour should pick lighter shades in sunglasses for, as it is a perfect fit. Isn’t that simple to follow!!
  • Check that the sunglasses do not slip and are of the right size
  • Fair tone skin people should opt for glasses that are not dark and instead go for shades like dark brown with mahogany or tortoiseshell frames.
  • Buy Sunglasses that have UV protection, as the eyes may be affected by the harmful sunlight rays.

So, this summer fight the scorching sun by trying out the Sunglasses that are best fit for your Face Shape.