What’s your favourite moisturizer that you are using this summer?

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As Beyonce once said, the use of skin moisturizer is super essential each and every time. The beauty queen is absolutely right there and it is time we get on with the summer trend as the spring is almost here. Summer 2019 is around the corner and it is time you send your thick moisturizers packing as it’s time to unpack the latest lightweight moisturizers out there.

What’s your favourite moisturizer that you are going to use this summer? If someone asked you that, you might not be able to answer straight away as skin is complicated and it is hard to figure the perfect one. Dr. Audrey Kunin has some important advice to all beauty enthusiasts out there. She says: “As seasons change, so does your skin.” So basically she wants to say that if you go with a heavy moisturizer in these conditions, it would smother the pores which increase the risk for a breakout. In short, applying the latest lightweight moisturizer lessens the chances of clogged pores. Another important advice is staying hydrated this summer 2019 as it is totally non-negotiable.

We have enlisted some of the latest lightweight moisturizers for you as the summer trends come in and you need to take care of your beauty.

1. Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb- The Ultra-lightweight Gel Cream

For someone who has very dry skin, they are usually wary of lightweight moisturizers.  Going by the summer trends and having so many options, Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb delivers the goods and the best face moisturizers for summer. The gel-cream is perfect for summer 2019 as it does not make your skin feel sweatier and rather keeps it hydrated for a good six hours.  Cost $38

2. Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator- A Weightless Moisturizer

Some of the people are a big ambassador of hyaluronic acid as they are very accustomed to the same. Some people think that their deeply dehydrated skin needs to be doused with oils to battle its thirstiness. In reality, that is a wrong notion because all it does is clog the pores and opens the doors for whiteheads. For someone who needs hyaluronic acid all along, Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator is made with a heavy dose of the same. This is the best moisturizer for every skin type. The cream has a fantastic silky slip that leaves you with a glow that you can take full advantage of. It has clean ingredients and this beauty product is clearly the bargain of summer 2019 with its $16 price tag. Cost $16

3. Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream- The Soft Textured Formation  

You might start to roll your eyes as soon as you see that $215 price but hang on a minute as we try to explain ourselves. This Best Lightweight Moisturizer is out there to change your life as it created with keeping the darker skin tones at top of their mind. Dr. Barbara Sturm cream is so light but gives it immense hydration so that a small quantity of the same goes a long way. One would like to savor it as the magnolia and African whitewood extracts work wonders to give that beautiful glow. Cost-$215

4. Kiehl’s Serum-Infused Water Cream – Face Moisturizer & Day Cream

Calendula is a major reducer of redness that makes it the brightest options for the summer trends for the skin. Keep this is your beach bag to quell the burns in case you have forgotten to keep your SPF along. The jelly texture of this product is so light that you can apply many layers of it and act as the best moisturizer for every skin type. Cost-$48

5. Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream – The Power of Black Rose

The creamy texture of this cream melts into a gel once it is applied and your skin starts drinking it dramatically. If you have been experiencing a blow to your complexion, then Sisley Black Rose Skin infusion cream shall help you to bring the texture of your face back to its normal. An additional delight is that it smells like a Bulgarian rose garden which isn’t bad at all. Cost-$195

6. Tatcha The Water Cream – The Ant-Aging Water Cream

This water-based moisturizer goes a long way than just being a pretty package for you to carry. The formula has Japanese wild rose as the key ingredient that has been used extensively by geishas that created a flawless canvas for them to apply their makeup and can be one of the best face moisturizers for summer. Just a small dollop of this Tatcha water cream helps your skin look absolutely pore-less and gives a shine-free flow to fit perfectly under your foundation. Cost-$68

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