Who Else Is In Love With Taylor Swift’s Embellished Sunglasses From Her New Music Video?

With the release of her new music video “You need to calm down”, Taylor Swift is giving major fashion statements. The music video is a star studded affair and is a pro-LGBTQ community video from her upcoming album. The video features her famous pals like Ellen DeGeneres, Ciara, Ryan Reynolds and many others.

While our focus is on the fabulous eyewear by Taylor Swift, let us talk about the overall fashion quotient in the video. The entire video sees the singer donning five different fabulous outfits ranging from a bright swimsuit to a French fries costume towards the end of the video and incidentally next to Katy Perry’s hamburger outfit.

The video opens with Taylor Swift waking up in a peach coloured silk robe as she wakes up in a trailer. This is combined with orange lace bra, two tone heels and sleep mask saying “Calm Down”. She also wears a light blue strap watch that has an illustration of a cat. All of these things along with the amazing embellished sunglasses are readily available on her merchandise site and if you loved them as much as we do, you can get your hands on your favourite item too.

Later on in the video, the blonde singer can be seen chilling in a pool and rocking an embellished pink high-waist bikini, a faux fur jacket, custom made heart earrings and the amazing blue Rad + Redefined crystal-bedecked sunglasses. All of these amazing outfits and a truckload of celebrity cameos have made the video enthralling in its own sense. Having said that, the stand out feature of the video, other than the important message of being kind, being civil, and acceptance in the society regardless of gender and sexual orientation, is the crystal-studded sunglasses Swift is wearing at the beginning.

Let’s talk more about sunglasses as they are Rad + Redefined crystal embellished sunglasses. These sunglasses were quickly brought to the world’s attention by an Instagram user who goes by the name @taylorswiftstyled. It didn’t take this account many minutes after the video dropped before people were presented with this stylish pair of sunglasses. Most of the people would’ve added these to their online cart before looking for some more embellished sunglasses to add to their collection.

For everyone who has been searching for a good pair of crystal or pearl studded sunglasses, this one is your answer. It might well be the chicest thing one would see around.  One could buy the frame of a pair of sunglasses decorated with pearls or crystals and that would be both chic and sparkly.

The fact though is although Taylor’s blue-tinted frames are fun on a different level but they can’t be worn every day and that is why even though you might love them immensely, you need to search for related options as well. Taylor Swift is a fashion icon since so many years now and everything she does on-screen or off-screen is noted highly by media and fans. These cool sunglasses were no different and which is why it is gaining immense popularity as we speak right now. Although we support the message in her music video, we are in even greater support for the fashionable sunglasses.

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