How to style striped shirts for men?

Men are getting quite fascinated by modern style fashion these days. They try their best to look stylish and unique, following new trendy fashion and fulfill the required looks demand as much as they can.

A classic and bold personality indeed becomes a reason for attraction. That is why everyone wants to be updated according to fashion to show their interest in making a presentable personality.

Men’s fashion usually starts with shirts collection. They especially focus on the styling of their shirts. These shirts can be found in a variety of qualities and types. In fact, these shirts are even categorized into three different categories that are: 

  • Formal 
  • Informal
  • Casual.

All of these above mentioned three categories are further divided into different types that are available in the market in a wide range of quality of fabric concerning the variation in prices. All the formal, informal and casual shirts are designed in many different ways. The most common patterns are listed below:

  • Striped shirts
  • Check shirts
  • Plain shirts

Striped shirts:

Striped shirts are the patterns designed by the combination of several same styling lines. These lines can be a thin, broad, single color, multiple colored and placed at short and long distances between the lines. 

stripped shirts

Formal striped shirts are usually designed with simplicity. For office or any professional work, people like to wear a striped formal shirt that is designed in a much-sophisticated manner. For instance, straight vertical lines that are designed over white or any other color (limited shades of dark and light colors) makes a combination of lite and dark color theme with thin lines that are at equal distance from each other. 

These striped formal shirts can be easily make up a match with dress pants for a decent look, and for more charming personality portraying, one can pair it up with a matching suit and a tie. The color selection of the shirt, pant or complete suit is very important, be careful about its selection. You must go with the color that is a trend and it also needs to suit your personality. We must have to go for those things that match our likes and physical appearance. It will enhance the personality and style. 

You need to be careful while selecting a pair of shoes and other useful accessories. Footwear in formal dressing must be decent. Only dress shoes can be a suitable choice. You can also go for other stuff usages like cufflinks, watch, perfume and a decent hairstyle. The overall combination will create a classical and chic look that representing you as a fashionable and stylish person.

Informal striped shirts have a huge range in colors. In this dress code, there is no restriction of colors. People can wear either dark or light shades of colors with excellent combinations. These lines are straight, vertical and designed in different styling patterns of lines. These shirts look decent with dress pants and a cool dude with jeans pants. Furthermore, for more stylish looks men like to wear it with blazers. 

Blazers are in fashion nowadays, they are also available in the extensive range in amazing colors and beautiful designing patterns. They go extremely perfect with striped shirts. The bold appealing look appears with a light-colored striped shirt and a dark color blazer. Boys like to portray a stylish look in blazers by moving their sleeves little upside and wear a big dial eye-catching watch and gives a smarty look.

Footwear like loafers and joggers look best with this type of getup. These selected shoes must be neat n tidy for an attractive look.

Casual striped shirts are usually found in polo style designing with half sleeves and in a beautiful attractive combination of light and dark colors. These lines are horizontal and mostly found in a wider width, placed at equal distances.

Casual dressing looks very smart at every age of males. It can either be little school-going boys, youngsters or adult male, all look decent and elegant in this type of shirt wear. This is the dress code that is commonly followed for more relaxing and flexible events, outings or sports activities. 

Moreover, striped casual shirts can be paired up with jeans pants or corded pants and with a pair of casual wear type of shoes. The overall look is perfect for outings with friends and family especially in summers in both day and night timings.

Check shirts:

casual shirts

Check shirts are also very popular among males of every age group. Everyone always likes to wear this kind of shirt. It’s a wonderful choice for formal, informal and casual stylings.

In addition to this, check shirts are designed by the perfect alignment of horizontal and vertical lines to form boxes of the same sizes that overall creates a pattern of checks. However, small-sized checks are considered to be formal and big size checks are included in informal and casual types.

Formal check shirts look great with dress pants when you can pair it up with a suitable matching color. Informal check shirts and casual check shirts look amazing with jeans pants. Checks always give a smart and stylish look. You look much younger than your actual age in checks. Try and observe!

Buy stripe and check shirts for a good collection of your wardrobe. If you are an office worker, often visits your friends and go for outings frequently. A variety of striped shirts must be your target. Although check shirts also play a vital role in displaying your personality for the dressing. But stripes are always the types that never let you down. You can manage with a little variation of different accessories with every stripe shirt to style your desired look. It settles down with every theme in every weather for both day and night time occasions. Wedding parties or parties with friends or family stripes shirts are the best choices and decision one can ever make.

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