Your ultimate guide to Bali- The Religion and The Beaches!

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Bali is the ultimate vacation place for everyone these days and often people tend to miss the best experiences if they don’t do prior research. Don’t worry because we have prepared the ultimate guide for your Bali experience so that you don’t miss out on anything.                                                                      

Start with Southern Bali before exploring the rest

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The landmass might be small of the shores, plains and volcanic peaks of Bali hides hundreds of temples in it. The area has miles of trekking and biking trails and countless views to take a selfie as your beautiful memories of the place. Bali has no shortage of natural wonders that rank amongst the best in Southeast Asia but it’s the culture of Bali that seals the deal for millions of tourist who visit the place. The local practice Hinduism is a quiet and devout manner which itself is amazing in many aspects. The puppets performances are as vibrant as it gets and the fantastic festivals are regular at temples that preserve the island’s decade’s old religion. 

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Most of the tourists stay around in South Bali for the beaches, nightlife and to do shopping. The center of the Bali is usually avoided by the tourists who prefer down south and also the untouched beaches of North. The East, too, has so much to offer like the diving opportunities and the trekking trails. No wonder there’s more to Bali than just the beaches in the south or the cultural treasure of Ubud. Keep on reading to know more about Bali’s religion.

The island of Bali is like a goblet that tapers and suddenly widens at the lower extreme. Most of the tourist infrastructures of Bali are found here and around the southernmost district. The most traveller-friendly beaches are found in the towns like Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa.

Surf, Party and Sunbath on South Bali’s Beaches

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The surf schools along Kuta Beach are the most popular among the tourist which is both good and bad considering the number of people come here. The beach resorts are present on both coasts and plenty of backpackers arrive at the place along with family travellers and both contribute well to the party like the environment of the district. The local beaches in South Bali are great for 24-hour fun.

The broad strip of sand at Kuta Beach that faces the Indian Ocean, allows so much room for surfers, sunbathers and the vendors who are always around without fail.

Bali’s Holiest Mountain in East Bali

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If you want a break for the party scenes of the south of Bali, then the eastern coast is a pleasant treat. The tourists are spared from big crowd numbers with an exception of “Mother Temple” on the slopes of Gunung Agung. At two hour drive from south Bali, people can find treasures like rainforests, rice fields, mountains, volcanic sand beaches and temples that are just an hour drive away from each other.

You can do diving & Snorkelling around East Bali’s Beaches

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Take a breather away from the overpopulated beaches of the south with the black, volcanic sand beaches around east. These are much quieter and wilder than its other counterparts. The dive sites are amazing with slopes that are sandy, wrecks and drop-offs are accessible easily from Candidasa or Amed from south and north respectively.

You will enjoy East Bali beaches if you are an underwater photographer or a wreck diver or just a rookie enjoying the water.

Ubud & Central Bali: Shrine to Bali Culture

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Ubud has an elevated inland location in Center of Bali which is precisely the reason it is far away from the reach of hard partying surfers and also it is a great place to experience Bali’s rich culture and the heritage. The relaxed vibes of Ubud are probably because of the lush green countryside that is covered with rice fields and a number of rivers that divides them into sections. Having said that, the modern world is catching up with Ubud fast as you can find Starbuck there as well. This town has plenty of temples, art museums, performances reminding of the rich tradition to the tourists from all over the world.

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